The Hunt

Black Wolf

Rock n Roll bands can, at times, be guilty of re-hashing that time honoured ideal […]
By Danny Sanderson
May 16, 2014
Black Wolf - The Hunt album cover

Rock n Roll bands can, at times, be guilty of re-hashing that time honoured ideal of "sex, drugs and rock n roll" which has been done a thousand times before and being generic. Few Hard Rock bands deal in the anthem like, stadium worthy tunes that the likes of AC/DC are renowned for peddling with such skill. Bristol based BLACK WOLF are one of the few who stand apart from the pack and deliver this kind good- but by no means "old fashioned"- Rock n Roll. They combine ZEPPELIN influenced Hard Rock and 80's Glam, they have produced a statement of intent with their debut full length "The Hunt" which should have the WHITESNAKE copyists quaking in their cowboy boots. The album opener "Mr. Maker" sets the tone for what is to come, being deliciously bluesy and groove-laden.

Songs such as "Keep on Moving" are bound to become fan favourites in the near future. Unlike some lesser acts, BLACK WOLF are most certainly not a one trick pony; tracks such as "Faith in Me" prove that they are able to translate their music from electric to acoustic without it being totally different from all the songs on the record or losing its power in the process. The song "Trouble" proves to be one of the best songs on the album, as does the quasi-ballad "Only Said in Silence", a song that is simply designed to be played to manic crowds in arenas and mega-domes the world over. This album contains some of the best musicianship in Hard Rock, due in no small part to the inspired guitar licks of John Greenhill and Jason Cronin. Not to discredit the rest of band, who all play amazingly, but it has to be said that this album is made by Scott Sharp's vocals. His voice bears a strong similarity to that of Jack White of THE RACONTEURS and THE WHITE STRIPES fame mixed somewhat with the styling of Andrew Stockdale of WOLFMOTHER, resulting in great vocal lines which will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The band identify themselves as "Soulful Hard Rock n Roll" and Scott definitely delivers in terms of soulfulness on this record. If you are a fan of Hard Rock and Blues of all shapes and sizes, this is well worth checking out. It has raunchy rock, sweet stadium anthems and brilliant blues, making this a well rounded record for fans of the genre in all its myriad forms. And if like me you reckon these songs would sound fantastic in a live setting, then you might want to catch them when they head out on tour this June with WINGER and JETTBLACK.

8 / 10


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"The Hunt" Track-listing:

1. Mr. Maker
2. Keep Moving On
3. Moving Mountains
4. Faith in Me
5. Trouble
6. Only Said in Silence
7. House of Emerald Wine
8. Raised on the Sun
9. Black Hole Friend
10. Dragging Ghosts
11. Relief
12. Sleepwalking
13. Sea of Merry

Black Wolf Lineup:

Scott Sharp- Vocals
Jason Cronin- Rhythm Guitar
John Greenhill- Lead Guitar
Ben Webb- Bass
Thomas Lennox-Brown- Drums

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