Chasing Shadows

Black Tide

First of all, I thought it was quite the coincidence that I review this album […]
By Johnny Jackal
January 6, 2016
Black Tide - Chasing Shadows album cover

First of all, I thought it was quite the coincidence that I review this album because I just discovered this band earlier on during the summer. While attending a St-Jean Baptist Party (the equivalent of the Fourth of July for our American Friends), my buddy was blasting some BLACK TIDE through his speakers outside and I was instantly hooked. I had to use a phone app to know what band it was because I really enjoyed it.

Flash forward to today where I review the third full-length album from the Florida band. The first album was more Power-Heavy Metal and the second one drifted towards Metalcore to the dismay of a lot of people including yours truly.

The album begins with the well-named "Intro". This instrumental song does reflect the style of music that we have throughout the album. It sounds like an song from QUEENSRYCHE in their "Operation Mindcrime" period, a futuristic sound and back then was a great opener for a concept album but this does not fit at all with BLACK TIDE, unfortunately. I don't where they were going with this quite frankly.

Most of the songs on this album are very redundant; the breakdown is always at the same place in the song and the structure of those songs is pretty identical. They seem to have listened to some KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and said we want to sound like them on all fronts. Gabriel Garcia's voice is pretty good and has a lot of emotion but does not carry the range of Jesse Leach (in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and TIMES OF GRACE as well). There is no more screaming in the band and he sings clean all the time.

They throw themselves in another direction on two songs, "Burn" and "Heaven". These are pretty much power ballads. They show a different side to the band and they catch you off-guard when you listen to the album. These aren't bad, but I wanted something more driven like in their first two albums. I was disappointed that they wanted to sound a bit commercial on these songs. This reminds me a lot of ''Seize the Day'' by AVENGED SEVENFOLD a few years back, and that's not a good thing.

"Sex is Angry" is pretty funny and talks about the wonders of sex and the duality of it, you know like pain for pleasure and that kind of thing! It's a very fun song to listen to and it's the one you want to tap your feet to.

I highly enjoyed the mix between Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar on "Welcome to Misery", this was a great change of pace from the earlier songs on this album and thought it a nice touch and this songs stands out from the rest.

 A few songs do remind me their first album, the album that was more traditional Power/Heavy Metal. "Before We Form", "Angel in the Dark" and "Chasing Shadows" have that Power Metal feel. There are a lot of guitar solos that sound like DRAGONFORCE and the early JUDAS PRIEST albums. If you enjoyed Warriors of Time off the first album, you will definitely enjoy these songs!

Unfortunately, most of the songs are interchangeable, and if you listen to the album through and through, you don't notice anything in particular that catches your attention. It's pretty bland and I was expecting much more and maybe something like their first effort. Still a good album nonetheless but nothing very innovative.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Chasing Shadows" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Guidelines
3. Angel in the Dark
4. Predator (Animal)
5. Burn
6. Chasing Shadows
7. Before We Form
8. Sex is Angry
9. Welcome to Misery
10. Heaven
11. Promised Land

Black Tide Lineup:

Gabriel Garcia - Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Austin Diaz - Rhythm Guitar
Cody Paige - Drums

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