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June 10 will see the release of "Onward", the new album by Melodic Death Metal […]
Black Therapy - Onward album cover

June 10 will see the release of "Onward", the new album by Melodic Death Metal act BLACK THERAPY. Nine brand new tracks by the band from Rome, Italy, packed with gloomy and sorrow-fueled Melodic Death Metal, with catchy melodies and a perfect balance of aggression and dark, doomy atmosphere. BLACK THERAPY about the new album: "This new album was written during the pandemic and we are proud of the outcome. Compared to "Echoes of Dying Memories" this is a more aggressive album, but it still  retains the emotionally gripping sound, which can be considered our trademark. We also tried something different on some of the songs and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do." The album contains nine tracks.

"Onward" opens the album. Their trademark melodies flow at you out of the gate. The vocals are raspy in the higher ranges, and guttural in the lower ones. Lead guitar supplies much of the melody in the chorus, and that sweet atmosphere of doom creeps towards you. "Blindness" begins with some nice layering in the guitars, creating as full a sound as possible. The clean vocals are laden with disheartenment while the harsh vocals provide rage and anger. "Betray My Ideals" opens slowly, with clean guitars, and some serene feelings. The opening leads are solemn and lead to more beautiful layers. These layers are crushing in both how they make you feel emotionally and physically...alive but mournful at the same time.

"Beyond the Glass" begins with a slower cut of melancholy fundamentals, especially in the clean vocals. The harsh vocals are equally as effective but the cleans really drive the feelings home. "Together" opens with some lead guitars and more layers in the rhythms. The verses are just a bit thin but the sound roars forward in the chorus. The bridge section is a nice, melancholic but powerful connecting section. The closing passage could wake the dead with its level of resolve. We WILL be together. "At the Gates of Soul" is a shorter number that features some combinations of guitars; both acoustic and electric done with harmonies. The result is both a mournful sound as well as a grandiose sound. "The Song of My Absence" begins with a powerful guitar riff and double time drums. The sound drops to clean, whispered vocals in the verses, but returns with an iron resolve leading to the chorus. From there, the song revels in absolute power.

"Destroy the Fate" is a faster moving song, but still with that trademark mix of aggression and temperance. The harsh vocals begin low and then lash out. After the half-way mark, the intensity really picks up. "A Quiet Place" closes the album. This time, ethereal female vocals carry the early sound. Harsh male vocals cut through them like a hot knife through butter. The peaceful room she occupies is bothered often by angry shouts from adjoining rooms that don't allow her the peace she seeks. It closes with more clean and depressive guitars. If you're familiar with the band, you will love this album. If you're not, it's time to take the plunge, because they have a near perfect combination of belligerence and constraint and intricate guitar work on "Onward." It's a beautifully angry album, as billed.

8 / 10









"Onward" Track-listing:

1. Onward
2. Blindness
3. Betray My Ideals
4. Behind The Glass
5. Together
6. At the Gates of Soul
7. The Song of My Absence
8. Destroy the Fate
9. A Quiet Place

Black Therapy Lineup:

Giuseppe Di Giorgio - Vocals
Andrea Mataloni - Guitars
Davide Celletti - Guitars
Lorenzo Carlini - Bass
Francesco Comerci - Drums

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