Black Sun

BLACK SUN has been around for many years. Formed in the mid-90s, they've deliverd so […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 23, 2008
Black Sun - Rebirth album cover

BLACK SUN has been around for many years. Formed in the mid-90s, they've deliverd so far a string of demo and 'compilation' self-financed releases. The founding duo of Minas Papadopoulos and Anthony Argyropoulos now recruit a set of 'guest' musicians to donate help for the recordings of Rebirth, their brand new mini CD.
The path BLACK SUN walks on (a summarization of the total of the tracklist) is rather intriguing. A doze of European intelligent Power Metal, a portion of 'dark' Metal, some sci-fi least that's what is transmitted via these four songs. The result is neatly 'melodic' in its gloom, with an inclination to enthrone the music itself as the aim and not the means. The vocals of Steve Venardo (AIRGED L'AMH) help in unveiling such a tendency, too, bearing a sentimental lament with much of perception and less of casualty.
It's a pity the production mix of this mini CD is far from being adequate. The drums sound is kinda amateur and stiff, while the vocals part sounds somehow balanced (in regards to the music back-up but also regarding the lead and backing parts coherence). Unfortunately, even if such drawbacks should not usually step on the music/feeling themselves when talking 'bout private releases, I'm confident things could have been much better in order to present more audio pleasure; especially when the compositions are notable.
The CD comes in a well-worked PC CD-ROM pack, with enhanced tons of info regarding the new music, the band, a 'making of' video etc., verifying BLACK SUN members puts loads of effort in the 'billboard' of their work. With a most valid sound spectrum their music will surely be 'promoted' rapidly. Take your chance if you're into bands like AYREON, TEN, CONCEPTION, SYMPHONY X or ANATHEMA.

"Rebirth" Track-listing:

Ghostdance Under Moonlight
Distant Thoughts
From Sunrise To Sunset

Black Sun Lineup:

Minas Papadopoulos - Guitars, Bass
Anthony Argyropoulos - Drums
Steve Venardo - Vocals
Stavros Gatsopoulos - Guitars
Nick Kokozides - Piano, Keyboards

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