Black Stone Cherry

Southern metal band BLACK STONE CHERRY have always made it very clear that they are […]
By Sammy M
July 14, 2016
Black Stone Cherry - Kentucky album cover

Southern metal band BLACK STONE CHERRY have always made it very clear that they are a southern band, and this is just as clear as always in their fifth studio album "Kentucky". Named after the state that the band is from, "Kentucky" is their most mature and diverse album yet. It plays to their strengths which have grown and developed impressively over their tenure together. It's full of heavy guitar riffs, great solos, a soulful voice, and that fantastic country twang that makes them who they are.

Throughout the album we see the range that BLACK STONE CHERRY has as a band, going from straight up hard rock anthems, to soulful bluesy ballads, and everything in between, drawing massively from blue and country to create their unique and strong sound. It's in the ballads that you get to truly appreciate the soulful voice of vocalist Chris Robertson with the raw emotion that comes pouring out in these songs. "Long Ride" is the one of these that stood out with it's extremely catchy chorus and powerful lyrics. The most typically southern song on the album would be "Cheaper To Drink Alone". As many country songs are, alcohol is a strong subject matter here, along with the swamp rock sounding guitar which sounds very much like the second incarnation of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, it's a powerful and catchy song with a great hook.  "Rescue Me" is pure gold. Starting with a capella harmonies, before ripping in to the most feel good, single worthy song on the album. Roberston shows off the other end of his vocal style here, sounding rather rough and grungy, but still with the passionate background, making it an absolutely fantastic song, and probably one of their best to date. The other song that must be mentioned, is their cover of the Edwin Star hit "War". They make this classic song their own while managing to stay true to its roots and truly honouring the original, making it far more powerful than any of the covers done by other artists.

It's great to see a band mature so much, but not lose touch of where they came from. "Kentucky" is a great effort by BLACK STONE CHERRY, with a great amount of variety never ever steering too far from the southern style that makes up that great sound. If you haven't yet given these guys a go, fans of bands like VOLBEAT, SHINEDOWN, and BUCKCHERRY, should definitely listen to this great album.



9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Kentucky" Track-listing:

01. The Way Of The Future
02. In Our Dreams
03. Shakin' My Cage
04. Soul Machine
05. Long Ride
06. War
07. Hangman
08. Cheaper To Drink Alone
09. Rescue Me
10. Feelin' Fuzzy
11. Darkest Secret
12. Born To Die
13. The Rambler

Black Stone Cherry Lineup:

Chris Robertson - Vocals/Guitar
Ben Wells - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jon Lawhon - Bass/Backing Vocals
John Fred Young - Drums/Piano/Backing Vocals

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