In the Eye of the Storm

Black Sheets of Rain

BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN is a UK band that seem to be pretty good guys […]
By Cullen Balbridge
June 11, 2019
Black Sheets of Rain - In the Eye of the Storm album cover

BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN is a UK band that seem to be pretty good guys with 10% of the proceeds from "In The Eye Of The Storm " going to charity to help support people that have lost love ones to suicide. This is an EP, and they have plans of releasing a full album in 2020. Rich Davenport said he has had his own battles with depression and wrote the song "Weight Of Shadows" after Robin Williams passed. "Ein Sturm Zieht Auf" is nothing more than some cool sound effects. "Still Spark Something" has a raw punk energy displayed, I wasn't gonna mention it but it doesn't seem that I'm the only one that thinks the song has an OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK SABBATH ambiance to it, with raw unfiltered musicianship supporting Rich Davenport's vocals.

"No Rest" I read somewhere that this song was the heaviest on the album and it seems to ring true so far, with the song ending with Tony Dolan's snarling vocals who was previously a band mate of Rich's in VENOM. "Through The Storm" has a cool eighties riff and catchy vocals and chorus, it's about having your people's back in desperate times when they might think no one will. It just lets ya know, I gotcha through the good and bad, that's love for your fellow brothers and sisters. "Force Of Habit" is another song about depression and cutting it loose and not letting it define you as a person, to me it goes along with my motto, don't stress over things beyond your control, focus on what you can and the other stuff will fall in the controllable category or dissipate.

I'm digging the pure rock n roll of this song and the message behind it all. "Weight Of Shadows" is another song about depression and the pain from it, telling a story of how it's not self-pity, that depression is a real psychological disease that destroys you mentally, that leads to suicide in a lot of cases. I know many people that deal with depression with myself being included, mine normally just last a day or two with about six months being the longest, I've never thought about suicide but do understand how someone may consider it that deals with it on a regular bases to where there was a time I didn't. I'm gonna give it a low production score even though I think the lack of production was meant to give it a raw sound.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"In the Eye of the Storm" Track-listing:

1. Ein Sturm Zieht Auf
2. Still Spark Something
3. No Rest
4. Through The Storm
5. Force Of Habit
6. Weight Of Shadows

Black Sheets of Rain Lineup:

David Nuttall - Drums, Vocals
Matt Lambourne - Bass, Vocals
Rich Davenport - Guitar, Lead Vocals

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