Black Parable

BLACK PARABLE is a band straight out of the beautiful country of Deutschland, with their […]
By Patrick McMahon
January 12, 2021
Black Parable - Absinthe album cover

BLACK PARABLE is a band straight out of the beautiful country of Deutschland, with their beginnings in the local scene set at 2018. This absolute POWER TRIO has recently released what I can only assume is the tip of the iceberg with their new EP. A blend of powerful and energetic music with clear stylings from Metal, Hard Rock, and Alternative. Disclaimer: I understand that enjoying music is something that all people do a little bit differently. On that note, in my humble opinion, there are two options. You absolutely love this album, or you are Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs. To each their own.

We have five tracks, so I'm talking about five tracks. "Black Parable" takes me on a trip. I haven't figured out where yet, but I will let you know. The track is teeming with nods to great artists that these guys emulate with no issue. Mudvayne? Sure. Seether? Check. This band goes off the chain for their own blend of Hard Rock, and it shows. Replay value is through the roof.

"Periphery" comes around next, with a brief echo of vocals to close out the former. The drums bring us to a primal and clearly Metal place immediately. Twenty-One seconds later? Straight up, in your face metal bops. Dial back for a minute to allow for a deep and meaningful verse, turn it up for the chorus. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. What more could you ask for? How about the groove riff to end it off! I am pleased.

"The Life Inside" screams at you "Yeah, I'm drop tuned. What are you gonna do about it?". I thought I understood the direction and tone that BLACK PARABLE set, until the vocalist bellows out with "Nothing's as it seems!". This track highlights the real talent of the guitarist / vocalist. "Hollow" is the fourth piece of the puzzle. Real tension accents exist through this whole track, giving off an almost Nu Metal vibe. Breakdowns? Yes, we all need more breakdowns. The vocalist almost seemed to give off a genuine Cobain vibe for a minute. It is rough, but it was enough to send this 80's kid spiraling.

The title track "Absinthe" by name alone became my favorite. I wont ever forget my first time at the Absinthe joint in the back alley of Brussels. But the track took me by surprise again, pure Alternative Rock. Mellow, drawn back from the forward energy of the rest of the work... but then a chorus hits. I mean hits like a ton of bricks. The track also features a nasty breakdown and bass run, with funkadelic tone to spare. Who knew you could make a 6:36 track that bops and stays absolutely radio worthy? I can think of a few bands that should just step aside.

Overall, I can not bring myself to find a flaw with this work. BLACK PARABLE is slamming strong, cohesive, and interesting music out. Not technically perfect, or even pure to a certain style. Just fantastic tunes.

10 / 10









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"Absinthe" Track-listing:

1. Black Parable
2. Periphery
3. The Life Inside
4. Hollow
5. Absinthe

Black Parable Lineup:

Jan Rudolph
Julian Zieschang
Michel Anacker

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