For A Long Time

Black Motel Six

The Metal scene is ever growing, and a latest addition to the sphere of hard […]
By Dorothy Cheng
August 12, 2013
Black Motel Six - For A Long Time album cover

The Metal scene is ever growing, and a latest addition to the sphere of hard rocking music comes in the form of Italians BLACK MOTEL SIX, with their brand of Alternative Metal. With their debut EP "For A Long Time", BLACK MOTEL SIX has successfully encapsulated quality and attitude into their six-song power packet, bringing with them a very American sound, if you may, that harks of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, MACHINE HEAD, and DOWN.

This isn't very surprising however, as the band seems to have a very firm affinity for American culture, or at the very least, American Heavy Metal. The cover art and band name itself depicts and references a motel, which is a peculiarly American hideaway. Other things peculiarly American about BLACK MOTEL SIX is their rough and edgy sound. Okay, so maybe it isn't peculiarly American, but they have that crisp production and melodic sensibility that is so popular with American bands. These two factors contribute to the EP's gritty feel, further propelled with vocalist Steph's impressive vocals. Think Rob Flynn and Phil Anselmo - that's how "American" he sounds.

The EP as a whole is musically powerful. The riffs are chunky enough to almost sound like Death Metal, but the overall melody of the album draws is back to its alternative roots. The drums provide for a relentlessly rhythmic album, one that pounds on and on even after the songs have long ended. It gets loud at certain points, and in those moments the raw energy of the band really shines through. The album also features significant Metalcore and Nu Metal influences, although the Metalcore influences are played down as the band is much more aggressive and violent in nature. The vocal work, which skilfully progresses from low to high screams, is also more reminiscent of Alternative Metal than Metalcore. The solos are searing, whipping, inflammatory forces of music, which when laid down against the backdrop of heavy music, produces a combination that is powerful and memorable.

However, the band runs of the risk of being repetitive and setting in motion a monotony that is hard to shake. Switching things up will do nobody harm, and the band might want to consider some slower tracks. Their vocalist certainly has the ability to pull it off, and from the guitar work I heard from this EP, I can only imagine what the band as a whole will be able to bring to the table if they had a few slower songs. One can envision how popular they might get, following in the footsteps of the American greats they so take after. There is definitely more to come from this band. With their potential, it can only lead to something greater.

7 / 10


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"For A Long Time" Track-listing:

1. Never Enough
2. The Fool
3. Until I'm Gone
4. Stone in the River
5. Low Life
6. Mosquito

Black Motel Six Lineup:

Steph - Voice
Marco - Lead Guitar
Federico - Rhythm Guitar
Emanuele - Bass
Alessio - Drums

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