Floor 13

Black Diamonds

BLACK DIAMONDS release their fifth album this month, only seven months after the last release No […]
By Sarah Tijan
April 2, 2022
Black Diamonds - Floor 13 album cover

BLACK DIAMONDS release their fifth album this month, only seven months after the last release No Tell Motel, and seventeen years as a band, the Glam rockers do not disappoint with the latest release Floor 13. From live cuts to some covers of their idols, showing the world, they have what it takes to stay relevant today as well as could have been found at the Cathouse any time during the 80's and fit right in.

Floor 13 starts with a cover of "Out of the Fields". A Gary Moore classic, BLACK DIAMONDS doesn't try to sound like Gary, rather giving the song its own feel, and creates what their take on the song should be, well done and strong on the first track.

BLACK DIAMONDS take it another direction on Floor 13 with four live tracks, all of which create the idea when you are listening to them, you are front row at a festival watching them play, and sounds as well as if you were on the rail.

Next is a cover of "Rainbow In The Dark", an honest heartfelt tribute to their influences, I would go so far as to say it's the strongest song on the album, but definitely a solid cover, not what you would expect to hear when you hear "Rainbow in the Dark", again they do it justice by taking it on and creating their own version.

The acoustic track "Reaching For The Stars" has a stronger guitar presence, with the guitar starting the track and leading into a loud acoustic rock track, which has to be my favorite on the album, strong and my favorite song on the album. "Reaching for the Stars" can be found in electric glory on their previous album No Tell Motel.

"Black Thunder", a song that easily could have been picked up off the cutting floor of a KISS recording session, strong guitars, loud vocals and all around exactly what a rock song should sound like. Heavy melody and grove, one that will keep you wanting more as you go on through the album.

Another cover rounds out this album, "Jumpin' Jack Flash", ROLLING STONES classic, leaves a bit of disappointment, wanting it to be better than the original, there was something lacking and what that something is, I can't point a finger to, but I felt it wasn't given the time or focus it deserved.

The last track on the album, "Do Tell Hotel" a band led review or look back at making the previous album, what they accomplished and demos. A great way to see what they worked though, not a necessary need to own track, but for the fan, it's a great addition.

Overall, the album lacked for me, I wanted to hear originals and hear what they could do, I enjoyed the covers, and the live cuts, but was left feeling like this album was a rush off the last success, its well done, and put together well, but lacked new material, which I was excited to hear, after following them for the last few years. If you are looking for a great Glam metal band, BLACK DIAMOND'S Floor 13 is a perfect album for you to check out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Floor 13" Track-listing:

1. Out In The Fields
2. No-Tell Hotel (Live)
3. Turn To Dust (Live)
4. My Fate (Live)
5. Rainbow In The Dark (Live)
6. Reaching For The Stars (Acoustic)
7. Black Thunder
8. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Black Diamonds Lineup:

Mich Kehl - Vocals, guitar
Chris Blade Johnson - Guitar, backing vocals
Andi Barrels - Bass, backing vocals
Manu Peng - Drums, backing vocals

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