Broken Flower

Black Daffodils

Symphonic Metal / Rock is a genre I rarely attempt to review, but when I […]
By Dory Khawand
November 4, 2013
Black Blitz - Louder Than Thunder album cover

Symphonic Metal / Rock is a genre I rarely attempt to review, but when I do, I make sure it's something worth my time and doesn't sound like another typical rip-off, as I'm not heavily embedded into that entire scene of music. Now for out prize winner BLACK DAFFODILS take a cocktail of NIGHTWISH and WITHIN TEMPTATION and splatter that smooth dripping mix onto an empty vinyl, make an album cover and sell it in music stores and if you're lucky enough a DJ will spin that record in a Metal night in some pub somewhere.

Let's not get out of topic and discuss the LP at hand which is entitled "Broken Flower" which combined the best aspects of most Symphonic bands such as EPICA (growls), NIGHTWISH (Symphonic elements) and WITHIN TEMPTATION (the Rock aspect), and mixes them all into one solid formula displayed perfectly on the album.

The first single I heard was "The Sighing" which beautifully showcases the band at its finest, with great low growls in the background, wonderful keyboards, distorted guitars and Andrea's wonderful voice. Other recommended tracks are "Noone Knows" and my favorite "Silent Raindrops".

For all fans of Symphonic Metal / Rock this album is heavily recommended. It has enough to satisfy fans from several angles of a very wide and respected genre in Metal and Rock.

7 / 10


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"Broken Flower" Track-listing:

1. Broken Flower
2. The Sighing
3. Silent Raindrops
4. Just a Memory
5. Your Painkiller
6. Bother
7. Noone Knows
8. The One I Was
9. Give My All to You
10. Bloodflower

Black Daffodils Lineup:

Markus - Drums, Vocals
Bjorn - Guitar, Vocals
Chris - Keyboards, Vocals
Andrea - Vocals
Micha - Bass

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