Black Cat Moan

I really wasn't very impressed by Swedish Band Black Cat Moan. They Just weren't really […]
By Brynn Kali StarDew
February 13, 2023
Black Cat Moan - Departure album cover

I really wasn't very impressed by Swedish Band Black Cat Moan. They Just weren't really very original and while I thought the vocalist did a good job of sounding like Eddie Van Halen they just seemed a bit cheesy and off putting. As for track three Melody, it just wasn't really feeling it, it had its moments though I give them some credit for their guitar solo halfway through which was kind of cool. I like that they called her a molotov cocktail that sounds kind of radical and cool actually. Put more of that in it!

Track Six Bad Habit Die Hard and other tracks on this album have a heavy Freedom Rock element which definitely seems like Guns and Roses & AeroSmith had a baby with Axel Rose and Steven Tyler, and AC/DC, but the baby hasn't quite grown up enough to sing yet. At least Track seven has a really interesting title. I also kind of liked the Mountain Mississippi Queen vibes here. Very neat!
Electrified was kind of lame to be honest. I couldn't find any videos of this band which was disappointing. I would have liked to see what they look like. Let's just say the words "Dad Band" sort of roll off the tongue here. If you like this music I don't mean to offend you but I kind of wish they had just left this music back in the 1980's No Mediocracy is just more of the same sounds and this is not necessarily bad, but there is definitely work for here in terms of their songwriting.

The final track on the album Lonely You I wasn't sure if it was a cover or not, it just sounds like every other cheesy 80's love ballad, not that it was bad, but songs like this really don't capture an audience like other genres in my opinion.

8 / 10









"Departure" Track-listing:

1. Crash
2. Departure
3. Melody
4. Boogie Woogie Man
5. ShutDown
6. Bad Habit Die Hard
7. Tiger RIbs
8. Electrified
9. No Medicracy
10. The Beagle Boys
11. Lonely You

Black Cat Moan Lineup:

Jörgen Lantto - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Bo Åström - Drums and Percussion
Lars Isaksson - Lead Vocals

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