Entering Another Measure

Black Book Lodge

If depressive Grunge ever has a musical tangible identity, BLACK BOOK LODGE proves with "Entering Another […]
By YngwieViking
April 26, 2015
Black Book Lodge - Entering Another Measure album cover

If depressive Grunge ever has a musical tangible identity, BLACK BOOK LODGE proves with "Entering Another Measure" that it's a valid contemporary continuation in the new century. Something like ALICE IN CHAINS meets 70's Space Rock meets MUSE. Good news? Well I'm not sure...

The artistic goal is certainly somewhere, the sound approach is minimalist and like the opening epic "The Martyr" (very long and useless) where the structures seems very uncertain or maybe more in a Jam session method. The spirit is present, and the Danish trio plays with his heart and soul but if their talent is perhaps hiding carefully far from my view, I can't connect with this plaintive vocals and this floating rhythm section. This relative nonchalance and this vocal apathy is a major obstacle for me to keep trying to understand their musical way. Their psychedelic colors and the lack of consistency aren't really convincing. To me their insouciance is a double edge sword, maybe a good trick in order to stay away from the too formatted formula, but finally, they are losing themselves in an amorphous state without connections and it lacks a real temperament!

The pseudo-intellectual or artistic syndrome is guilty for the lack of a significant Rock focus. Of course, it has its moments but the whole is still boring to me, and it won't reveal any second degree depth or any surprise in the additional period for the supplementary spins that I had to inflict to myself. Their musical credibility is rapidly worn out and in the course of the playing, the idea to push the skip button is constantly present, but the reviewer's persistence is rewarding, as I think the best cut is the last number "Alizarin".

I was attracted at first by the moniker of this trio; the name of the band is quite cool. BLACK BOOK LODGE's "Entering Another Measure" isn't a total disaster but I'm not sure if I can find the valid point to recommend someone to spend their money on such a recording as this.

5 / 10


"Entering Another Measure" Track-listing:

1. The Martyr
2. Ad Interim
3. Entering Another Measure
4. 27 Years
5. New Provenance
6. Alizarin

Black Book Lodge Lineup:

Ronny Jønsson - Vocals / Guitars
Trygve Borelli - Bass
Jakob Gundel - Drums

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