Bite The Bullet

BITE THE BULLET are a Danish Stoner Rock trio formed in 2012. Now, you don't […]
By Eli Freiheit Hohozia
February 17, 2015
Bite The Bullet - Wheels album cover

BITE THE BULLET are a Danish Stoner Rock trio formed in 2012. Now, you don't often here about some good Fuzz from the Danish, but these guys carry the spirit goddamn well. "Wheels" is their second album, and it's pretty great. So what makes this group particularly interesting? BITE THE BULLET fuse the British 70s with Scandinavian Psych Rock. They wish to their music to a wilder, more spontaneous place. They wrote, recorded and mixed the album in just 12 days. While it has some benefits and definitely shows their determination to make it an authentic Rock n' Roll experience, it does take some toll on the overall production.

The album begins with "Desire", a slow start but a solid one. Fuzzy and psychedelic from the beginning. A good presence of the keys and drums, and solid riffs, but it feels like the guitar and vocals are colliding - and not in a good way. For some reason the track reminds of MUSE. It has a very good vibe to it, even makes you want to dance a bit. There's great vocal work throughout the release, it goes appropriately with each song's theme. It doesn't always take the entire spotlight, it gives breathing room for the instruments. "To The Seaside" is a fun track to ride the roads with. The melody is really modernized classic 70's rock, and the wailing vocals get to you.

"Road To Redemption" is a soothing ballad with harmonious vocals and great synergy between the piano and guitar parts. It's smooth and shows the more mellow side of the group, which goes well with the next track "Something New""Go For A Ride" is a harder song; it holds the classic spirit of British Hard Rock, both lyrically and musically. With slow interludes and movements here and there, this track gives a strong vibe of DEEP PURPLE, but modernized. Throughout the album as well as in this track, the keys are dominant.

"I've Been Down" is the heaviest track on the album while retaining the tempo, not going overhead and going into uncharted territory.

BITE THE BULLET have really put out a good release. It's not perfect, but it is good. It's solid, it has its own spirit. It's a bit repetitive and not always sonically perfect, but the content is great and unified. They manage to capture the whole spirit of Classic Hard Rock in this album. The fact that the whole process was only 12 days shows that these guys are experienced and know what they are doing and are content with this product.

7 / 10


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"Wheels" Track-listing:

1. Desire
2. Seaside
3. Uniform
4. To The Seaside
5. Road To Redemption
6. Something New
7. What Am I Doing Here?
8. Go For A Ride
9. Evil Is Here
10. I've Been Down
11. You'll Be Mine

Bite The Bullet Lineup:

Christian Norup - Bass/Guitar/Keys and Vocals
Paw Eriksen - Guitar/ Drums/Keys and Vocals
Thomas Christiansen - Lead Vocals

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