Known primarily for contributing vocals to his main Progressive Metal band AEON ZEN, master of […]
By Kyle Scott
April 30, 2019
Bioplan - Ocular album cover

Known primarily for contributing vocals to his main Progressive Metal band AEON ZEN, master of instruments Andi Kravljaca's solo project BIOPLAN has another awe-inspiring album to add to his life's discography. Not satisfied with being a multi-instrumentalist, Kravljaca also holds a Master's in Particle Physics (?!?!?!), oh and he's also a pilot, because why the hell not at this point? Weird flex, Kravljaca, but okay... Did we mention Andi is a key part of three other bands? Because he is. BIOPLAN is his first solo project.

BIOPLAN's debut Ocular has all the earmarks of a furious rock opera; all synth and 80s power chords, "Astral" serving as the grand overture as the stage is lit. Ocular has a uniqueness about it that is more than just saying it's a Power Metal or Throwback 80s Hair Metal band. It's a sound rich with neon glow featuring high-flying chords that have complex flight patterns. Arrhythmic chords and synthesized madness are all over "Invective", an 80s wonder track with modern rock influences that doesn't sound like a fight for dominance sounds too impossible, but Andi has had years to fine tune his craft.

It's hard to get over the rich, glittering soundscapes that Andi is capable of painting; everything is bright, standing bold against hazy, major chord backdrops. Ocular sets itself apart from Andi's other myriad of bands by not being overly aggressive in its delivery. His other bands, AEON ZEN, NIBIRU ORDEAL, THE CHRONICLES PROJECT, etc. They all portray an atmosphere of storming headlong into battle, riffs drawn and held high like broadswords. While Ocular doesn't shy away from using a crunchy riff here and there, it's slower; more relaxed. While Andi Kravljaca's other projects center around themes of destruction (mostly in the name of good, but destruction none the less), Ocular seems to be all about creation.

10 / 10









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"Ocular" Track-listing:

1. Astral
2. Invective
3. Permeant
4. Inclement
5. Refractive
6. Ivective (Retrologue Remix)

Bioplan Lineup:

 Andi Kravljaca - All Instruments

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