Big Steel Shit

BIG STEEL SHIT is an Italian band that formed in 2006, making a mix between […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
January 17, 2016
Big Steel Shit - BorderLifeLine album cover

BIG STEEL SHIT is an Italian band that formed in 2006, making a mix between Post-Grunge with Progressive Metal in their melody. With only one album, they made a European tour with THE ARISTOCRATS, and is like a dream team in the Progressive scene. Now, they released their second album called "Border LifeLine" by Crank Music Group in June 2015.

With a strange, and sometimes confusing to me artwork, let's take attention to the content here. The line-up is formed by Lopriore, the singer that makes the clean and the harsh vocals - typical in the modern Progressive bands - D'Errico and Costante the double guitars, that makes an interesting work here and the kitchen - Lippo on bass and Orlando on drums.

Generally, the album is very uniform. You, listener, you don't listening sometimes faster songs or others ballads. The cadence here is equal in most part of the songs. You will find songs with heavy and technical guitars always, with a simple kitchen and sometimes considered the vocals a bit boring.

Their biggest influences are ALICE IN CHAINS and TOOL, which is very clear in their sound. But if you want to make a Prog sound, you can't make the listener get bored, and unfortunately, it happens with me. I'm not saying their sound is bad, but the cadence is all-the-same and have few things here that surprise you, listener. Songs like "A Bug's Day", "Stabbing @ The Disco", "Full Throttle" shines in some passages in these tracks and could be considered the highlights here. The others look like a continuation of all.

The Progressive fans are very demanding, compared with the others, and I think if BIG STEEL SHIT don't make something that could mark more their sound and put more versatility here, they'll be forgotten with other bands. They have talent and I'm pretty sure in the next work, they'll surprise me.<

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"BorderLifeLine" Track-listing:

1. Welcome To
2. A Bug's Day
3. Family Manners
4. Within the Herd
5. Stabbing @ The Disco
6. -0
7. Growling Still
8. Shot the Night Away
9. Full Throttle
10. PIntersection
11. To Fix Things Right
12. Tame Myself
13. Toe the Line
14. Chrysalis

Big Steel Shit Lineup:

Giovanni Lopriore - Vocals
Stefano D'Errico - Guitars
Marco Costante - Guitars
Alessandro Lippo - Bass
Fulvio Orlando - Drums

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