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The Diabolic Procession

Bible Of The Devil

Pure blasphemous Black Metal? No, don't get confused by the name. Bible Of The Devil […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 10, 2006
Bible Of The Devil - The Diabolic Procession album cover

Pure blasphemous Black Metal? No, don't get confused by the name. Bible Of The Devil are a Stoner band. I was pretty much confused with their name, their cover and of course, the album's name. Only their logo is Stoner enough to make you believe that they're something else and not a Black/Death Metal band...
Based on America, Illinois, these rockers have released four full-length albums, with The Diabolic Procession being their fourth one. I couldn't find much info about them since their official site mostly describes their music than gives their biography.
Anyway, I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to this release. It's not that it was a shitty album or something like that, but this CD is too much boring. They describe their music as rock n' roll metal assault squad specializing in brutal, melodic, riff-driven rock n' roll metal anthems evoking images of urban debauchery, violence, human dementia, and conquest. I say that they're not even a Stoner band as they are described. They're playing a mix of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with many influences from bands like Saxon. Don't get excited! I can't say that they are very successful on doing this. The singer's voice is very mediocre and the sound in general isn't the best possible. Their ideas aren't bad, but first of all, they need to get a better production and then try to make their sound a bit more new. They sound like an 80's band to me. It's not that I don't like retro stuff, but with a good production and a bit more open minded compositions. I also wanted to add that the bass should be a bit higher in the CD (my humble opinion of course).
I am looking forward to their next release. The Diabolic Procession didn't satisfy me at all. Only for incredibly fanatic listeners. Surely not for me...

5 / 10


"The Diabolic Procession" Track-listing:

Ecclesia Novorum Innocentium
Orphans Of Doom
Legions Of The Oriflamme
The Elusive Miracle
Heinous Corpus
Judas Ships

Bible Of The Devil Lineup:

Mark Hoffmann - Vocals, Guitar
Nate Perry - Guitar, Vocals
Darren Amaya - Bass
Greg Spalding - Drums

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