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BEYOND THE STYX is a Hardcore band that formed in Tours, France. They started the […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
April 11, 2015
Beyond The Styx - Leviathanima album cover

BEYOND THE STYX is a Hardcore band that formed in Tours, France. They started the band in 2010 and after a couple of years they released their debut EP in 2012 which led the band to a few tours around Europe and to be singed in Klonosphere Records. Three years after the debut EP, the band releasing their official first full-length album.

The album starts with "Quo fata ferunt" which is a strong instrumental Alternative opening for the album. Then comes the first actually song in the album that called "Autop6gorgones". It's a nice song, very fun, but also very much confusing and the song's parts have no connection between one another. The song succeeds in entertaining at the start of the song but doesn't at all develop into something attention-grabbing. "Echidna'H "is a better song, feels fast and good and not tiring like the first track. But as the first track, the song is still not perfect. Still the band does a song with vocals that has no connection to the instruments.

The best song in the album for my opinion is "Kiss the Abyss" which reminds me Death Metal and guitar parts that even touching to some legendary bands in the genre. Unlike many songs in the album, in this song we really feel that band's members done the song together. We can really hear the unity of the band as a band that writes songs together.

I thing that something that I saw in the last track that I did not recognize in the previous tracks is that in the previous tracks I heard more a few musicians than a full unite band. In those songs it felt like each member of the band done his job in his own way and in his own world. Personally I think that band needs to be united and to hear that they are correlated to each other in the parts that they writing. Another song that I liked is "LupUS", which is one of the fastest songs in the album. And one thing that I can say about the band, they sure know how to make it fast.

Thing that for sure we can say about BEYOND THE STYX is that it's a band that really enjoys to play music. For this band, music is more than just the thing that they written, it's something that first of all they hear. It's great and it got an advantage whenever it's come to create and play music that will be fun and entertaining.

But it's also a disadvantage whenever it comes to the confusing writing presses. Its sounds like that each member know what he want and how to create the thing that will make it fun, although that the other member of the band is doing a totally different thing.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Leviathanima" Track-listing:

1. Quo fata ferunt
2. Autop6gorgones
3. Echidna'H
4. Kiss the Abyss
5. Code orphantage
6. Respice Finem
7. SanctuarINK
8. LupUS
9. Venomen(on!)
10. Insurr@ction
11. 101 Demons
12. ¥DY55EU5

Beyond The Styx Lineup:

Emile Styx - Vocals
Adrien X - Drums
Anthony Mateus - Lead Guitar
David Govindin - Rhythm Guitar
Yoann César - Bass

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