Undead Legacy


BEWIZED is a four-piece Groove Metal / Metalcore band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in 2007. […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
November 14, 2013
Bewized - Undead Legacy album cover

BEWIZED is a four-piece Groove Metal / Metalcore band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in 2007. First attempt to establish their presence in the underground Metal community was "Carved Upon Your Bones". Self-released demo EP in 2008 easy only a compelling force for the band to come and settle into existence. Their debut album was "The Scorch of Rage" released in 2010, and worldwide release in 2011.

"Undead Legacy" brings quite cacophony of sounds... Especially on tracks "Pray Last Sin" and "Monster In Your Closet". They sound completely unsynchronized, like there`s completely different track playing on top of the existing ones. (kind of like there`s twisted tape on your cassette...) "The Tempest" is quite different story. It can be described even as melodic, though growling vocals prevail.

 The rest of the tracks that fall into the genre (like opening two tracks) bring great deal of energy, lots of anger, and nicely balanced growling vocals verses clean, with addition of few spoken parts. Musically nothing special... Good riff here and there, with addition of few solos, and keyboards that are inserted mainly near the end of the tracks that are quite uniform. It`s the same recipe over and over again.

 "The Prodigal Son" is something different, serving only as intro into "Judas Kiss" that brings different kind of energy, and is kind of lighter than the other tracks. I would say that the "Break Of Dawn" may just be the best track on the album. It`s completely different from any other track on this album. Drums sound like they`re meant for the Pop song, overplayed with heavy slow guitars, and almost symphonic keyboards, sang with clean vocals. Quite unusual combination. "Vindication" closes the album, which is another Metalcore track...

The recordings of "Undead Legacy" started in December 2012. Guitars/bass/vocals have been handled by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis at StelthSound while drums were tracked by Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis at Red House Studios. Production, mixing and mastering were undertaken by Jon Howard at Woodward Avenue Studios in Ontario, Canada. Besides working on production and stuff Jon added some of his vocals on the "Medusa`s Head" and Bjorn "Speed" Strid from SOILWORK added some magic on "Heart Bled Dry" providing some clean and harsh vocals.

"Undead Legacy" can easily be described as a collection of quite diverse tracks. This kind of diversity is hardly found these days. BEWIZED may sound like the band still searching for their true sound, but in that search they keep combining seemingly incomparable things, resulting with amazing outcomes.

7 / 10


"Undead Legacy" Track-listing:

1. War I Wage
2. Medusa`s Head
3. Pray Last Sin
4. Monster In Your Closet
5. The Tempest
6. Heart Bled Dry
7. Crusheader
8. The Pridigal Son
9. Judas Kiss
10. Break Of Dawn
11. Vindication

Bewized Lineup:

Paschalis Theotokis - Vocals / Guitar
Pantazis Theotokis - Bass
Orestis Georgiadis - Guitar
Akis Tsiantis - Drums

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