Show Me Your Teeth

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters

I'm a sucker for good old fashioned Melodic Hard Rock. I'm even more of a […]
By Dave Nowels
December 28, 2018
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth album cover

I'm a sucker for good old fashioned Melodic Hard Rock. I'm even more of a sucker for a pretty redhead. So, a pretty redhead, wielding a guitar, laying out heavy riffs and belting out glorious sultry and seductive vocals? Yeah, you can count me in. Yeah, I might have a bit of a crush on Beth going, but don't get me wrong here. There is an indisputable sexuality oozing from this twelve track collection, but its the pure God given talent that ultimately makes the biggest impression rather than any ridiculous tits and ass estimation.

BETH BLADE & THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS call Cardiff South Wales home. "Show Me Your Teeth" is their sophomore release, hot on the heels of 2017's "Bad Habit". That debut release garnered the band quite a bit of attention and press, with "Bad Habit" logging in on Classic Rock Magazine's Top 50. That attention also landed them plenty of opportunities to support some 'name' bands touring Europe. Bands such as TYKETTO and Y&T. Set to release on the 25th of January, you can still find some awesome options for pre-ordering "Show Me Your Teeth" on PledgeMusic here:

First things first, BETH BLADE gets a lot of comparisons to LZZY HALE, and I get it too. Here's the thing though, I reviewed the recent HALESTORM album "Vicious". I'd argue that "Show Me Your Teeth" is the better album, and by a wide margin. There's a rawness and a cockiness present here that BETH BLADE and her bandmates swagger through in a GIRLSCHOOL like fashion. It's old school, it's sexy, it rocks and it's definitely fun. I've been on a bit of a MOTORHEAD kick lately, and I have no doubt that Lemmy would greatly approve of what Blade and mates are doing. Beastly riffs, catchy harmonies and Blade's soaring vocals....yeah, Lemmy would have loved it.

"Show Me Your Teeth" clocks in at 43 minutes for its twelve tracks and rocks hard start to finish. The band is fabulous. Manning's guitar is tasteful and not a note gets wasted. The rhythm section of Goodwin and Brain are as solid as they come and most impressively Goodwin's bass isn't lost in the mix. I really enjoyed the whole album far more than I expected I would, and probably far more than any Traditional Hard Rock release in recent memory. Stand out tracks for me were "You And I", and "Crazy" absolutely were highlights, but again, you can't really go wrong with anything here. "1974" and "I Ain't Got Nothing (If I Ain't Got Rock And Roll)" are epic testaments to the glory of Hard Rock. Cheers, BBATBD and consider me a new fan. Well done.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Show Me Your Teeth" Track-listing:

1. Secrets
2. Show Me Your Teeth
3. Give It All You've Got
4. On and On
5. You and I
6. Crazy
7. I Ain't Got Nothing (If I Ain't Got Rock And Roll)
8. Lost In You
9. Into The Light
10. 1974
11. Who Do You Love Now
12. Jack and Coke

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters Lineup:

Beth Blade - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Luke Gilmore - Lead Guitars
Sam Brain - Drums

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