Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BERSAERK; signed via Nordenvind Musikproduktion, […]
November 3, 2020
Bersaerk - SOL album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BERSAERK; signed via Nordenvind Musikproduktion, hailing from Denmark ground - performing Stoner Metal/Rock, on their 3rd Full-Length Studio Album entitled: "SOL" (released October 23rd, 2020). Since formation in 2012; the quartet in question have an EP entitled: "Trældom" (released December 21st, 2013), a Live Album entitled: "Live i Pumpehuset" (released October 11th, 2019) and 3 Full Length Albums entitled: "Mulm" (released October 29th, 2015), "Jernbyrd" (released March 20th, 2018) and this here 3rd album that I am introduced to entitled: "SOL". 10 tracks ranging at around 55:64 BERSAERK arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Stoner Metal/Rock amalgamations.

Opening up with the steamrolling mechanix, and gear droning trippiness with "Verdens Ende"; BERSAERK engage in this alternative-esque but groove-laden implementation in which punches with uniquely versatile vehemence. Jumpy yet melancholic melodies manifest with this riveting stoner rift; solidified with this trailblazing meatiness of profusely robust distortion, grinding into a hybrid frenzy of some boisterously bouncy finesse & amplified adrenaline. It's all easy-listening, elementing a hardened flamboyance that will rumble speakers with meticulous yet reverberating maelstrom pandemonium with this ruthless substance on organic tempos that resonate with weighty tightness & primitively raw sturdiness. Chiselling density culminated into a borderline foundation of some striking quirkiness, that rattles with rhythmic snappiness & monolithic crunchiness.

Consisting of Casper Roland Popp on vocals; the frontman excels at a clean but lethargic cord flow that shouts with yelling roars, throaty raspiness that revels with bellowing grumbles and screaming shrieks...who uses their native, Pagan Danish tongue. "Blod & Stål" experiments a chunky attribute in concretely gritty but indie converged punk rock aesthetics; fundamentally crafting a gnarly flexibility in creatively dynamic dexterity from Lars Evers on the riffing guitar, his fretwork firepower shreds with razor-sharp yet wildy rushing perseverance. Rapidly swift nimbleness lacerates killer momentum prowess with progressively technical ramifications trigger this sulphurous synergy with immersively frolicking chugs, and blistering systematics that storm this tempestuous yet other worldly slab within this ancient Nordic past in a contemporary context of energetic earthliness.

"Tryk Avler Modtryk" contrasts a fluidly polished panache on quintessential virtuosity, salubriously volatile melodies hymn a harmonic but a distinctively decaying flair on thumpy bass audibility from Jens Moss Thorsen; injecting an infectiously venomous swamp of rompy rumbles that tremble with bombarding expertise in a conceptual but idiosyncratic detail where the theme stems from death; destruction, decomposing rot (regarding the Earth's climatic state) and to ultimately return to rebirth to victory. (regarding one's inner but soulless strength). "Balders Bål" embellishes on these shamanic war cries; a ferocious but enchanting journey through post-apocalyptic deathliness and ambient calamities where the songwriting musicianship strums with medieval tribal patterns & remedious zest. Pummelling drummer Simon Meiner hammers his set with steely precision, sonically seamless pounds and battering bong-like smacks which are profound in the next track: "Blodmåne". Brimming a constructive magnetism on mesmerising majesty, with spellbinding truds that showcase this thunderous pursuit on ritualistic vibes & moody but hallowed hypnotism.

"Dødsvals" starts off with more bong-drum gravitation; where Casper sings with this Viking like performance, this upbeat but acoustic dose oozes with this rollicking yet spiritual portrayal where violins orchestrate through this oscillating landscape of mellifluous and euphonic boundary that will transfix you with resounding soundscapes while the enriching jingles captivate you while rocking noggins with unprecedented yet skyrocketing potential. "Midgårdsbrand" unleashes more rough pulsations with bruising belters while remaining tranquil & sublime... stringing with soaring but crisp innovation which revolves around a neat juxtaposition of some modernized yet mythic themes with potently vibrant characteristics as desired. "AHKI" is a short one which brims an ethereal reprieve, making one feel like you're materialised into a calm state of mind...until the penultimate track "Kæmp!" brings back the majestic indie-fused punk rock with full force, while merging the shamanic mysticism promptly until the overall concluding epic within the titular track wraps things up with dreamy and archaic fey.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that BERSAERK most certainly delivered an intriguing offering, outdoing themselves within their own trademark style & sub-genre professionalism with relishing results. "SOL" is a distinguished discovery that most definitely deserves a few spins...have a go if you wish to be entranced and amazed! A great listen indeed.

8 / 10









"SOL" Track-listing:

1. Verdens Ende
2. Blod & Stål
3. Tryk Avler Modtryk
4. Balders Bål
5. Blodmåne
6. Dødsvals
7. Midgårdsbrand
9. Kæmp!
10. SOL

Bersaerk Lineup:

Jens Moss Thorsen - Bass
Simon Meiner - Drums
Lars Evers - Guitars
Casper Roland Popp - Vocals

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