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I'm glad people have been flooding my e-mail inbox with requests to go over their […]
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
May 21, 2004
Bendover - Bendover Demo album cover

I'm glad people have been flooding my e-mail inbox with requests to go over their albums etc. If there are ten or twenty chief editors from around the world who actually spend some of their time to listen to indie bands, I consider myself to be one of them. You know, it always works by directly sending Labels your unsigned work but it always works better if the press has heard your stuff first.
So, for today we're gonna take a look at a band called Bendover. We're talking about three huge guys from Finland (the band itself quotes Only size matters!) and I mean huge as in you don't wanna mess with these dudes (well Metal-Temple has a Wrestling team of it's own you know!). I'm talking about Ali (Vocals & Bass), Mehtis (Guitar) and Gas (drums) who in my opinion seem to have a great taste in music! Why's that?
Their band-titled demo is a four track CD with three of their songs on it and a cover song for Girlschool (C'mon Let's Go). Their playing style is a mixture of punk / hardcore / thrash and what I admire most about it is that you can actually feel a groovy feeling penetrating your body while listening to their demo! The sound quality is pretty good for a demo CD as they manage to maintain the required dirtiness that every punk/hardcore band needs while the total outcome is pretty loud and heavy!
Bendover seem to be influenced by bands like Motorhead, Girlschool (obvious enough), Pantera etc but despite that, the whole binding of personal taste, influences and ideas is great! Really hammering drums, heavy/punk guitar-playing at times (as well as very hardcore/ thrashy), a bass that keeps the groovy rhythm constantly in form and vocals that are straightforward and unique in the way that Ali doesn't imitate anyone else's voice but has his own characteristic vocals.
Summing up for Bendover, they've certainly got my thumb up and I'd suggest Label scouts listened to what these guys have to say. I won't be surprised to see them in some great festival after a couple of years, under some label's name...
P.S. All demos go up on the Mag as unrated reviews because that's Metal-Temple's policy when it comes to reviewing Demos 🙂

"Bendover Demo" Track-listing:

Don't Feed The Evil
C'mon Let's Go (Girlschool Cover)
Dying Sun
Welcome To The Land Of Sorrow

Bendover Lineup:

Ali - Vocals & Bass
Mehtis - Guitar
Gas - Drums

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