Below A Silent Sky

BELOW A SILENT SKY is a Post-Metal band that was formed in 2012 in Ilmanau, […]
By Chelsea Jennings
February 18, 2016
Below A Silent Sky - Corrosion album cover

BELOW A SILENT SKY is a Post-Metal band that was formed in 2012 in Ilmanau, Germany! In late 2015 BELOW A SILENT SKY released their latest EP "Corrosion" as an Independent release.

BELOW A SILENT SKY are a musical act without any lyrics on their entire "Corrosion" EP. However, having said that, BELOW A SILENT SKY will appeal to many fans of various genres of Heavy Metal. "Corrosion" can be at times claiming and relaxing in sound with melodies and tunes that remind the listener of Symphonic Metal sounds. At other times "Corrosion" is heavy and almost angry, more like the background music you would find in traditional Heavy Metal or maybe even Death Metal. The music can seem calming and relaxing, and yet angering and aggressive at various points on the "Corrosion" EP.

Tracks like "The Withering" are softer and quieter, and have a soothing and relaxing feeling to the song. It gives off some feelings of tranquility. Tracks like this almost have a feeling of Classic Rock to them at certain points sounding like DEEP PURPLE or VAN HALEN in sound. Other tracks that sound similar with more relaxed, soothing tranquility to their beats would include "The Flood I Ambiguity" and "Asperatus".

On the other hand, other tracks like "Sulfur" are heavier and sludgier tracks that sound almost angry at some points rather than relaxing and smooth. Beats get heavier and paces pick up, making it quiet a pummeling, aggressive piece. Other tracks such as "The Flood II Closure" and "Ambiguity" fit well into the heavier, angrier mode of playing heavy music.

BELOW A SILENT SKY do an excellent job of making music that will appeal to fans of everything from Classic Rock or Symphonic Metal over to something more like Sludge Metal or Death Metal with their brilliant infusion of musical sounds. The music of BELOW A SILENT SKY elicits a wide range of emotions and feelings in the listener without ever needing one single word to be to spoken to emphasize the points and feelings they want to get from their fans on their latest EP "Corrosion". This testifies to the beauty of music, and the timelessness of music and how it can speak to the soul of many different fans of different genres of music through just sounds and their resonating in the minds and hearts of those listening. BELOW A SILENT SKY portrays that beautifully. They remind us of everything that is beautiful about Heavy Metal, and music in general!

Songwriting 10

Production 8

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Corrosion" Track-listing:

1. The Withering
2. Sulfur
3. The Flood I Ambiguity
4. The Flood II Closure
5. Adrift
6. Asperatus

Below A Silent Sky Lineup:

Christian - Guitars
Robin - Guiars
Diego - Bass
Heinz - Drums

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