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From the country of Norway, we have a black metal duo by the name of […]
August 11, 2022
Bekmørk - The Path Nocturnal album cover

From the country of Norway, we have a black metal duo by the name of BEKMØRK which translates as pitch-black in the Norwegian language. The duo teamed up to release their debut release, an EP titled INCANTATIONS OF THE FRIGID NORTH in 2018. The year after this EP made it into the Antichrist magazine's 50 Top Black Metal albums of 2019, certainly a remarkable recognition for a duo. The duo themselves are musically talented as DREAD COUNT NABERIUS is the vocalist and MALEVOLENT BERSERKER is the drummer but both also contribute on guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. The first EP included five tracks altogether and was recorded & mixed by the duo themselves which was released independently too.

Now the dynamic duo(so to speak)are here once more to give us a second EP titled THE PATH NOCTURNAL which was released in May earlier this year. This new release can or has been described that the 'vocalist DREAD COUNT NABERIUS not only vociferates but also gives the album something to rely on'. This goes on to say that 'this lo-fi production gives the album the dark aura it needed'. And that 'the overall solvency of it is a little raw to the ears of someone who's used to the great level of production metal reached these days'. The EP opens with "Hail To The Moths" as raging black metal guitar is joined by vocals and creative drumming as the track punches through. Vocals are somewhat processed in some way; drums bring out the dynamics/contrast of this intro track.

This followed on by the arrival of the second track which "Huldra" as a slow crescendo builds the atmosphere up. Cymbal hits come in too as guitar slowly plays as satanic vocals speak in a choked manner, evil and deadly indeed. The electric guitar plays at the same tempo throughout as drums project well especially when the cymbal hits are thrown into the mix like a hot, boiling mixture of raw black metal. There isn't so much more than what has been mentioned already as we move onto the third track "Black Waltz". A burning aggressive drum roll fires the track into action and full on metal mania as cymbal rhythms are accompanied by occult guitar playing.

Almighty force of a full band unison is in motion and vocals continue to spit as there is a gradual descent in volume. Then guitar picks yet the hungry vocals continue to create the transition into the next track which is "Red Snow(The Saga Of The Haakon Haraldsson)" The fourth track has quiet guitar as vocals take the same approach as before. Then there is guitar noise as drums kick in pulsating movements and this momentum continues on until the beginning of the fifth track. "Empress Of Charn" growling of vocals opens this last track of the EP and then the quickening drums thunder down but they stay on as a more simplified backbeat after a minute or so. They create their own contrast as there is a sustain or hold where cymbal hits come in as vocals growl again.

Drums return at a more steadier pace as there vocal blips, maybe words or sound effects. Guitar with a very glamorous solo to close with drums as the finishing touch to this EP. Overall I would say that the sheer talent of this duo is great and admirable as all instruments contribute in their own way. A good effort as well and I would like to hear more variation in drums/guitar but the lo-fi production certainly works for the division or separation of each instrument.

6 / 10

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"The Path Nocturnal" Track-listing:

1. Hail To The Moths
2. Huldra
3. Black Waltz
4. Red Snow
5. Empress Of Charn

Bekmørk Lineup:

Malevolent Berserker - Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboards
Dread Count Naberius - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboards

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