BEHEMOTH's new album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2009, during their long […]
By Dimitris Karametros
August 14, 2009
Behemoth - Evangelion album cover

BEHEMOTH's new album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2009, during their long stay  on the underground metal scene they amassed a hard core fan base but also a great deal of a more mainstream audience, that pushed some to say that BEHEMOTH are on the edge of selling out. But, having a growing audience apart from the underground scene, could it not mean sometimes  that the band's music is good enough to draw them popularity?
BEHEMOTH was born in 1991 in Gdansk, Poland and was a part of the establishment of the Polish underground Metal scene. BEHEMOTH begun as a Black Metal band but changed to a more occult and thelemic theme, with a more Death Metal oriented sound, circa 1999, with the release of  Satanica where they remained ever since.
Evangelion is the bands nineth album, and its title comes from the Greek word 'evangelion' which means spreading the good word, or as it is more commonly used in these modern days, 'spreading the good word of God'. Of course BEHEMOTH's Evangelion is nothing of that sort, they are not here to remind us of the good word but of the slavery it brings and to usher us to our personal rebellion against it. BEHEMOTH do not hold back, each word coming out of the mouth of Nergal, each razor sharp riff and devastating drum beat, awakens us to listen closely to the dark, angry lyrics of the new album.
BEHEMOTH have made it impossible for you to stop listening to their statement, in Evangelion the sound and music might be a little more easy on the listener, considering older albums, but the riffs are so cutting edge that make you want to listen more and more. Do not be afraid to play on and on Ov Fire and the Void or The Seed Ov I. Apart from the great guitars, what made an impression on me was the machine gun drums; not only does Inferno play excellent, he is everywhere, complimenting the fierce riffs and the dark lyrics making them more angry, more deviant as heard in Shemhamforash and Alas, Lord Is Upon Me, resulting in a technical solid statement. Actually this solid result proves that BEHEMOTH really do believe in what they sing and are ready to fight for that. Here Nergal's singing is in its best, even better than in former albums. His voice is rough, dark and pissed off making him sound like a warlord amassing his warriors to war. This adds to the darkness of the album and leading to a monolithic ending in Lucifer.
BEHEMOTH from the intense album cover, to the dark lyrics and the solid sound speak of a personal rebellion and resistance to the words of God; yet they also speak against those who wish to silence the underground and steal the right of free speech. In 2007 the Polish government published a list of bands to be banned, which included BEHEMOTH, with the excuse that these bands promote Satanism and murder. This is not the first time they attempt to silence Heavy Netal and the underground Metal scene, and it won't be the last, but the more they try to silence us the more we will rise.
Evangelion is an excellent album, it will not fail the old fans and it will bring new ones. Some of them will find the urge to look deeper into the underground and some will remain with the mainstream. Good music and good bands have a place for both without selling any believes.

7 / 10


"Evangelion" Track-listing:

Ov Fire and the Void
Transmigration Beyond Realms ov Amenti
He Who Breeds Pestilance
The Seed ov I
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
Defiling Morality ov Black God

Behemoth Lineup:

Adam Nergal Darski - Vocals, Guitars, Synth
Tomasz Orion Wroblewski - Bass, Backing Vocals
Zbigniew Robert Inferno Prominski - Drums and Percussion, Backing Vocals
Patryk Dominik Seth Sztyber - Guitars, Backing Vocals

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