Boulevard of Broken Hearts

Beggars Pride

I took this CD for a review solely due to the participation of Marc Storace […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 2, 2006
Beggars Pride - Boulevard of Broken Hearts album cover

I took this CD for a review solely due to the participation of Marc Storace (Krokus), Gary Barden (MSG, Statetrooper) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, Demon Driver). In addition, the band's name inspired my mind for something 'wicked' and 'screwed'. Lil' did I know in prior...
Swiss producer/singer/songwriter Holggy Begg united with guitarist and bassist Michael & Matt Bride for this band(?). A collection of strong vocalists - the main already being pre-mentioned - donated their 'throats' for most lead vocal parts to a set of 13+1 tunes of 'melodic Rock'. The problem is that this album consists of tunes mainly 'melodic' and slightly 'Rock'. Some 'sweet' melodies are here and there - to tell the truth - but limited are the chances for even the typical 'MTM series' consumer to find some nerve in this one. Pop-ish and with a 'gothic' atmosphere underneath, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams may see no hope in the ears of Hard & Heavy fans, while...
...the lead vocals of all participants are in a level below their capabilities (only Marc Storace 'marks' his singing). Short (in duration) tunes compile a less-than-AOR album that you can certainly live without.

3 / 10


"Boulevard of Broken Hearts" Track-listing:

Broken Hearts (feat. Marc Storace)
Footprints In The Sand (feat. Dorkas Kiefer & Michael Voss)
Ruled By Clowns (feat. Holggy Begg)
You Were My Sunshine (feat. Aino Laos)
Dreams (feat. Gary Barden)
I Think It's Over (feat. Yan)
Eight Feet Below (feat. Michael Voss)
First Way Out (feat. Marc Storace)
Radio Is Playin' Softly (feat. Holggy Begg)
Tattoo-Nancy (feat. Ela)
Thousand Miles From Home (feat. Holggy Begg)
Open Sea (feat. Gary Barden)
Below (Acoustic Version) (feat. Michael Voss)

Beggars Pride Lineup:

Holggy Begg - Lead Vocals, Accoustic & Electric Guitars
Fritz Schneider - Acoustic Guitars
Jolene Van Ar - Drums
Matt Bride - Bass
Michael Bride - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

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