BAUDA is a Chilean band that mixes a Post-Rock with Progressive Metal influences in their […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
January 24, 2016
Bauda - Sporelights album cover

BAUDA is a Chilean band that mixes a Post-Rock with Progressive Metal influences in their sound. They formed this band in 2005, with. BAUDA making everything and after in 2012. New members joined in the band and those were Juan, Nícolas, and Edgardo playing bass, drums and keyboards respectively. Now, they're releasing their third album called "Sporelights" through Temple Of Torturous Records. With a beautiful and simple artwork for the cover they showed simply what the name "Sporelights" mean. The line-up is versatile , and you can this album was approached with a lot of professionalism and a lot of talent.

The influences in some songs that STEVEN WILSON wrote in PORCUPINE TREE and his solo career is present constant influences in the sound that are heard on this album. BAUDA is a band that shows that less is more on the music scene sometimes. With an experimental intro with some synths you feel like you're entering in a tunnel of time in "Aurora". The melancholic and relaxing melody is very strong in tracks like "Vigil", "Sporelights", and "War. Ts is showing that is possible to make an excellent song on the Progressive scene while being a Prog-influenced band. Another instrumental song is here to change this atmosphere. The name is "Tectonic Cells" with a minimalist and progressive elements are present. Breaking up tempos and virtuous bass lines in some sections and others just a simple drum and some guitars chords change the sound of the album enough to keep the entire piece sounding different and interesting to the listener.

With an atmosphere that is getting in a happier mood BAUDA starts "Asleep In Layers" with a Pop-influences in their songs. You can listen some Progressive sections especially in the keyboards lines. To close, the melancholic atmosphere is present again and stronger than never. In "Dawn of Ages", the single from "Sporelights" album, is a minimalist and sometimes commercial song. And just all. "Sporelights" is a relaxing, easy-flow and interesting album even in Progressive scene. But is missing something here; is a good album, with talented line-up but they could be better than it. I really enjoyed this new BAUDA album and I thought is an excellent work, but it is missing something somewhere and I just don't know what.

5 / 10


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"Sporelights" Track-listing:

1. Aurora
2. Vigil
3. Sporelights
4. War
5. Tectonic Cells
6. Asleep in Layers
7. Dawn of Ages

Bauda Lineup:

Bauda - Guitars
Juan Díaz - Bass
Nicolas Recabarren - Drums
Edgardo González - Keyboards

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