Relics of a Dead Earth


Emerging from Australia, BATTLEGRAVE unleashed a massive Thrash Metal release in 2018. Titled "Relics of […]
By Liam Easley
January 15, 2019
Battlegrave - Relics of a Dead Earth album cover

Emerging from Australia, BATTLEGRAVE unleashed a massive Thrash Metal release in 2018. Titled "Relics of a Dead Earth", it's just one more album that shows how Australians always unexpectedly make Metal the way it should be. This album sounds like if PSYCROPTIC were more thrashy than they have been recently. The vocals sound like a raspier, more SLAYER-influenced Jason Peppiatt, which isn't really hard to do. The guitars are also very quick and snappy. They aren't super technical, but they definitely have a kick. Maybe I'm just comparing the two because they're both Australian bands, but maybe the folks down under know something we don't...

BATTLEGRAVE show their groovy Thrash Metal onslaught with pride, giving the listener huge chunks of fairly original Thrash Metal to chew on. The compositions of "Pt. I: The Witch in the Wood" and "Pt. II: The Flames That Lick Your Flesh" are heavy and unpredictable. The music delves into unique passages that show Thrash Metal successfully combined with atmosphere, and the heaviness and atmosphere intertwine to make chaotic riffs.

These chaotic and atmospheric riffs are also seen on "The Emerald Cave", a slower, chuggier song that focuses more on heaviness than on speed and technicality. There are good riffs all over thus album, especially on "Swallowed by the Wave (The Wreck of the Trinculo)," a song that also revitalizes a lot of old school Thrash Metal themes. "The Gavel Says... Die!" starts the album off with plenty of heavy riffs and thrashy rhythms to give one whiplash.

"Relics of a Dead Earth" is another old school Thrash Metal rehash, but this time it's done correctly. With a lot of technical riffs and heavy compositions, BATTLEGRAVE made a great debut for themselves. The musicianship and execution are both top notch. If you like modern thrash like HAVOK, then this is for you. If you like the riffage of BIO-CANCER, but are turned off by Lefteris' vocals, then this is also for you.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Relics of a Dead Earth" Track-listing:

1. The Gavel Says... Die!
2. Betray Your Beliefs
3. Rot in Oblivion
4. Pt. I: The Witch in the Woods
5. Pt. II: The Flames That Lick Your Flesh
6. Swallowed by the Wave (The Wreck of the Trinculo)
7. They're Under the Ground
8. The Emerald Cave
9. Relics of a Death Earth

Battlegrave Lineup:

Clint Patzel - Bass, Guitars
Rohan Buntine - Vocals
Kevin Talley - Drums

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