Primitive Age


Formed in 2007, BAT uses a vicious combination of Punk and Metal, which can only […]
By Claire Taylor
March 7, 2015
BAT - Primitive Age album cover

Formed in 2007, BAT uses a vicious combination of Punk and Metal, which can only result in something pretty amazing. Ryan Waste of MUNICIPLE WASTE, Nick Poulos of VOLTURE and Felix Griffin, former drummer of DRI have come together to create this overwhelmingly heavy and forceful line-up. It would seem that BAT use influences from MOTORHEAD and elements of other heavy styles. For me "Primitive Age" was personally an instant thumbs up, as the energy in this track is aggressively constant and solid. This almost nostalgic EP seems to have the intention of returning to that old classic sound and the fast paced drumming with MOTORHEAD riffs. In "Total Wreckage", it made it impossible for me not to drum on the desk and click the 'play again' button. It is clear that the three members have achieved exactly what they intended to with this EP, as it is nothing short of a good listen. The standard speedy Punk riffs and pace, combined with the occasional Metal-style guitar squeals, make for a fierce and powerful sound. I can't help but appreciate the hidden elements, involving classic Heavy Metal-esque BLACK SABBATH style grooves entangled into the modern Hardcore vibes. Coming from someone who does not usually go for this style of Metal, all I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised whilst listening to this EP. I'm fairly sure many would agree with me when I say that "Rule of the Beast" boasts many elements of MOTORHEAD's "Ace of Spades", especially focusing on that constant drumming rhythm and riff work.

I can pretty much guarantee that fans of the bands listed above will not be let down by this EP, and I was almost disappointed that I couldn't listen to more than what's on this EP. Not only does BAT base their sound on aggressive Punk Metal, but it almost brings slightly different characteristics to the table and embraces that vigorous and confident style to create that awesome sound we know so well.<

8 / 10


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"Primitive Age" Track-listing:

1. BAT
2. Total Wreckage
3. Code Rude
4. Rule of the Beast
5. Primitive Age

BAT Lineup:

Ryan Waste - Bass, Vocals
Nick Poulos - Guitar
Felix Griffin - Drums

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