What Comes To Light

Barnabas Sky

I was pleasantly surprised by this album. It bares some real purpose and has some […]
By Jamie Hollis
February 13, 2023
Barnabas Sky - What Comes To Light album cover

I was pleasantly surprised by this album. It bares some real purpose and has some glorious moments on it. It's always interesting to see what bands do for their second album, and this is certainly a grand achievement. Wow! What a beautiful way to open an album... the title track has some stunningly tasteful keyboard layering and just the right sort of guitar to support it. The vocals on this track are stunning too and I swear I love to hear that tambourine in the mix too which is brilliant! The mix isn't bad at all with the guitars at just the right level where they're not obnoxious or in your face. Speaking of guitars actually, the title track has a stunning bridge and solo where the guitar tone is so well matched to the vibe of the song. It's quite a warm tone which is pretty unique. What a great way to start an album.

"We Are Electric" kicks off with a snare march and steadily walks us into a simple and effective tune. The way this group uses key changes to enhance the atmosphere in certain sections is very effective, notably in this track for the second verse and into the guitar solo which is glorious by the way. "Till My Dying Days" jumps into a slightly heavier tone than the first couple of tracks. It manages to maintain the same level of purpose though thanks to the thinly spread keyboards and little clean guitars scattered around in the mix. There's some very skilled song writing going on here and you simply have to credit the people behind it all. Around halfway through this track, we're struck by a sort of mini-breakdown section which took me back to JUDAS PRIEST's unloved "Demolition" album but in a good way! It's a great moment in the song and then we return to the more somber verse and chorus. There's so many influences flying around that it's hard to keep track of it all, but it makes for a nice result.

Wait? What the hell is that? Some sort of 50s organ in the intro? Whatever it is, it's very fitting for the track name "Circus Of Delight". Doogie White's vocals on this track remind me of Biff Byford of SAXON in his most recent voicing. Sort of raspy but aged. I'm not normally a fan of that, but it fits this great song very well. Another old organ? Whatever these weird keyboard sounds are at the start of "Take A Ride" are very cool! This track is a sort of mid-paced ballad which I can't say I'm a huge fan of but there's some great moments in it nonetheless. Just the chorus is a bit limp wristed for me really. "A Dying Song" is the longest track on the album by a long way, stretching out to a solid eight minutes. Personally, I love a long song because of the journey it can take you on, and this is no exception. It has a great first few minutes which work you up slowly towards the main chunk of the song. Great use of eight minutes.

"Seven Wonders" was released as a single for the album and I can absolutely see why. The track reminds me of all sorts of other bands ranging from monsters like DEF LEPPARD right down to little old bands like DEMON. The chorus is perhaps a little bit weak, but otherwise this is a solid track. This almost one hour long album closes with a cool and heavy number in "No Tomorrow". It reminds me of DEMON's unpopular "Spaced Out Monkey" album with all the layered vocals and down tuned guitars. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bored by this point, but that's just because it's a long album with a lot of tracks to soak up in one sitting. The album as a whole is a great accomplishment which should be celebrated and promoted more than it is being at the moment. There is some very skillful song writing here which needs to be acknowledged. Hopefully we get to hear more of this in the future.

8 / 10









"What Comes To Light" Track-listing:

1. What Comes To Light
2. We Are Electric
3. Till My Dying Days
4. Circus Of Delight
5. Take A Ride
6. A Dying Song
7. Isolation
8. Grant Me A Wish From Heaven
9. One Or The Other
10. Seven Wonders
11. No Tomorrow

Barnabas Sky Lineup:

Markus Pfeffer - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Guitarsynth
Thomas Rieder - Drums, percussion
Danny Vaughn - Vocals
Dan Reed - Vocals
Doogie White - Vocals
Jesse Damon - Vocals
Roy Cathey - Vocals
Dirk Kennedy - Vocals
Lee Small - Vocals
Carsten Lizard Schulz - Vocals
Alan Tecchio - Vocals
Deibys Artigas Venegas - Vocals
Stephan Hugo - Backing vocals
Paul Sabu - Backing vocals

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