Sensation Seeker


BANDITZ is a female fronted band from Italy that has just released the debut Sensation […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
May 9, 2008
Banditz - Sensation Seeker album cover

BANDITZ is a female fronted band from Italy that has just released the debut Sensation Seeker while in search of a record deal. There isn't much to say about their biography since their site starts their history from 2006 when they recruited Jade to take over the vocal duties of BANDITZ.
When the opening track, The Will I had, start playing I thought that this album could be out of my league since it cannot be tagged with the usual metal labels. First of all, I have to say that I was impressed with the vocals; Jade, that to my ears has some strong Joan Jett or even Skin (SKUNK ANANSIE) influences, presents her harsh and most of the times high pitched voice with an impressive power. The song itself is groovy with down tuned distorted guitars and an excellent vibrato during the solo. Their musical attitude made me think of QUEENS OF THE STONE with a heavier sound to be more specific and minor Stone Rock additions.  U Can't Stop Me (very good guitar solo here) and Everytime gain some speed and overall heaviness until Feelin' Nothin' that slows things down a little bit. In this song I couldn't help myself but to praise Jade once more for her emotional and powerful performance during the tempo changes. I think this album has two parts; the first serves the band's Hard/Stone Rock profile and lasts until Served Perfectly while the second goes towards the heavier music patterns and kicks in with the guitar driven Music In My Ecstasy. From that point you get faster tempos, more aggressive vocals and compact rhythm section in tracks like the excellent Out Of Control or the heavy almost headbanging Shadows Of Myself. The album closes with the power ballad Ballad From Routine that comes with another very good guitar solo.
With the hope that I did not confuse you with all these musical genres mentioned above I can say that I enjoyed listening to BANDITZ's debut album and that I am really curious about their next step. So, whoever found my saying interesting should check them out in their  MySpace page.
PS Sorry there is no rating here since I find it awkward to put a number besides a self-financed debut album.

"Sensation Seeker" Track-listing:

The Will I Had
U Can't Stop Me
Feelin' Nothin'
Served Perfectly
Music In My Ecstasy
Take U There
Out Of Control
Shadows Of Myself
Don't Leave Me Here
Back From Routine

Banditz Lineup:

Jade - Vocals
Nicotine Sam - Guitars
Fabian - Bass
Ross - Drums

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