A Family Affair

Bad Bones

What I mostly miss in today's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal industry is the hunger of the […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 18, 2010
Bad Bones - A Family Affair album cover

What I mostly miss in today's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal industry is the hunger of the fans, their endless devotion and their will to live and breath a Rock n' Metal way of life. BAD BONES' new album brought such a series of emotions since it's quite raw and to-the-bone, even if it will possibly go unnoticed by the majority of Rock outlaws worldwide. Simple yet ample musicianship, a clear tension to rock the house in an archetypal way and - even if the songwriting is just above average - the smell of sweat and bourbon/beer from beginning to end. "A Family Affair" is a weird title for a sleazyrockin' album and I'd like, at some point, to find out what message it does hide but...

...that's not front page news anyway. Music is the vehicle and BAD BONES rocks hard with a primitive attitude reminding us of the times hardrockin' music was not another commercial product. Steve Balocco (WHITE SKULL bassist) is credited as the founding member and before sticking to what the hell does a Heavy or Power or Epic or whatever Metal band member has to do with filthy Rock music let's just remember countless times normal band members wanted - or were pushed - to unveil some other sides of their personalities. This way, so, Steve and Co. (love 3-piece outfits!!!) decide to work on a songlist consisting of: a) the neat identity of 70s originators such as THIN LIZZY, MOTORHEAD, ALICE COOPER, AC/DC and THE RAMONES, b) the shining muck of 80s/early 90s outlaws like MOTLEY CRUE, PRETTY BOY FLOYD and THE ALMIGHTY and c) the evergoing or reviving vintage appeal of bands like BACKYARD BABIES and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY.

It's a shame the songs - thought quite vibrant and rockin' to the bone - are not what we'd usually note down as killers. But, to create some kind of balance in the checkout, BAD BONES performs from the heart and that's quite apparent if you give "A Family Affair" a couple of spins for a start. The vocals remind me of THE ALMIGHTY's blessed frontman Ricky Warwick or hooray loved weirdo Michael Monroe (both in his HANOI ROCKS and solo deeds)and the general sound is quite vivid for a low-budget (I assume) release, creating a very good mix willing to make you reconsider what's Rock or not nowadays. And we're not talkin' 'bout music and only here.

"A Family Affair" seems to be an honest album, straight from a rocker's guts. For this and only, in a sea of polished products, BAD BONES must be tested. "My Head Is Upside Down"'s volume and mid-pace mania is a good proof, by the way.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"A Family Affair" Track-listing:
  1. Intro - 128 Oxnard Avenue
  2. Modern Times
  3. Road To R'n'R
  4. No Way Out
  5. Ghost Town Blues
  6. A Family Affair
  7. Street Dogs
  8. Run Over Me
  9. With The Lights Off
  10. My Head Is Upside Down
  11. Desperado (feat. Roberto Tiranti)
  12. Don't Let The Sprits Get In
Bad Bones Lineup:

Meku - Guitars, Vocals
Steve - Bass, Vocals
Lele - Drums

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