Diesel And Power

Backyard Babies

When was the last time that you listened to a bunch of young crazy fuckers […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 3, 2007
Backyard Babies - Diesel And Power album cover

When was the last time that you listened to a bunch of young crazy fuckers delivering some good and dirty Hard Rock? What? Thirteen whole years? This is definitely a long time mates! But you don't have to worry anymore! That's why I am here right now, to bring you some good hard rockers back from 1994. You got it right brothers! This is the reissue of the classic Diesel And Power debut by BACKYARD BABIES, originally released back in 1994!
These young rockers were formed in 1987, as a high school band back then. Who could imagine that these talented and crazy lads could reach so high? Hailing from Sweden, the country of the legendary act EUROPE, these four guys have managed to earn the respect of every rocker worldwide with great albums and even better live performances next to titans such as ALICE COOPER and AC/DC. Oh, something I forgot to mention, Dregen (the guitarist) is also a member of another great Swedish band, THE HELLACOPTERS, which also feature ENTOMBED's drummer, Nicke Andersson.
I was really amazed when I heard about this reissue and I was also impatient to get this album for a review. After all, Versity Music seems to have done a really nice job, or not? Except from the albums thirteen incredible compositions, which are a great sample of good and sleazy Rock & Roll, the reissue features one bonus track (Lies), which is also featured in the From Demos To Demons (2002) compilation and in the Electric Suzy (1994) single. This reissue also features the Electric Suzy video clip. I know, it is not the best work we could see from Versity Music, since this album could feature more bonus tracks or some bonus stuff in general (video footage, interviews or anything else). The album has a really nice production. Basically, an incredible production for the genre! The songs do not need to be commented since every single track in this album is kicking major ass! As you can understand, my only objection is regarding the bonus stuff. They definitely could be more. An effort for some extra money? Who knows?
This is a nice opportunity for fans of the genre to get to know the band. If you already have the album, you have to be a die-hard collector to buy it. Honestly, it won't offer something more to someone who owns many BACKYARD BABIES stuff. The rest of you, make your CD collection a bit more beautiful with this addition.

7 / 10


"Diesel And Power" Track-listing:

Smell The Magic
Bad To The Bone
Strange Kind Of Attitude
Diesel And Power
Wild Dog
Fly Like A Little...
Electric Suzy
Kickin' Up Dust
Should I Be Damned
Fill Up This Bad Machine
Heaven In Hell
Lies [Bonus Track]

Backyard Babies Lineup:

Nicke Borg - Vocals, Guitar
Dregen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Johan Blomquist - Bass
Peder Carlsson - Drums

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