BACKWATER was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, during the year 2012. The Swiss band is fueled […]
By JP The FrenchWarrior
April 19, 2015
Backwater - Backwater album cover

BACKWATER was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, during the year 2012. The Swiss band is fueled by the influence of classic-rock acts such as AC/DC, THE FOUR HORSEMEN, ZZ TOP, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and CREEDENCE CLEAR REVIVAL. Marc's voice reminds me, on some tunes, of Danny Joe Brown, John Fogerty or Johnny Van Zant influences. BACKWATER's self titled first full-length album was released 10th of April 2015, on 7hard Records, a division of 7us media group.

BACKWATER delivers eleven wild stories about motorcycling, rough men, sexy women, and talks about the rock n' roll way of life, with a pinch of sex. Simple catchy structures in crunchy hard rock n 'roll style meets blues meets country rock. These guys knows how to mix such inspiration with a wonderful southern rock sound, and compose tracks that go into your ears, run through your veins and goes straight to the heart. As said, their biography, roaring southern-rock vocals, high voltage guitars and hard driving rhythm section, this is what BACKWATER is talking about.

This first album is fuckin' damn sexy, smellin' 11 truth pure southern hard rock n' roll gems, as "Muddy In My Head" double harmonies guitars begin as a motorcycle engine ; "Hey Man" in the vein of CCR. The hit of this album, "Ride On Wild Horse" begins with a slide country guitar, followed by a deep voice & catchy solo. "Looking For A Thrill" is just an amazing rockin' song with cool lyrics and probably the best solo of this album, follow by the damn dirty and sexy, "Moving Like A Reptile", a slower song but really effective. Believe me, "Rock N Roll Devil" is an Airbournish headbanging song. "Born For The Rhythm" reminds me of MOLLY HATCHETT or a BLACKFOOT song, with this typically American Native sound guitar and drums rhythm, I really love this. "Never Be Down" ends this album perfectly, ala AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO style, with a lot of great guitar riffs. BACKWATER is highly recommended to have a good rockin' sexy time with your girlfriend!

Warm up your Fat Boy HD engine or your Dodge Charger'70 as the General Lee, as you want, and get ready for a long ride with your long hair floating in the winds of the Mojave Desert, or on the deep US highways from Chicago to Louisiana to L.A. to Frisco!<

10 / 10


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"Backwater" Track-listing:

1. Muddy In My Head
2. Backwater
3. Hey Man
4. Looking For The Thrill
5. Moving Like A Reptile
6. Lie To Me
7. The Duel
8. Rock'N'Roll Devil
9. Ride On Wild Horses
10. Born For The Rhythm
11. Freedom Ride
12. Never Be Down

Backwater Lineup:

Marc Vermot - Vocals
Fred Gudit - Guitar
Boris - Guitar
Michel Demierre - Bass
Chris Bardet - Drums

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