Force Majeure

Baby Tuckoo

I first came that silly-sounding name in year 1987, when unofficial news had it that […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 28, 2010
Baby Tuckoo - Force Majeure album cover

I first came that silly-sounding name in year 1987, when unofficial news had it that the band's singer Rob Armitage was offered the singer's position in German Metal legends ACCEPT after Udo Dirkschneider's departure to pursue a solo career. Assuming BABY TUCKOO was equally heavy and razorsharp I was shocked obtaining and listening to the English outfit's "First Born" debut, not because of its quality but solely due to the completely different style. Then ACCEPT's "Eat The Heat" LP hit the stores in 1989 (without Armitage behind the mic...) and everything was clear.

BABY TUCKOO belong(ed) to the hardrockin'/melodic side of the British Metal(?) school. With only two LP releases under their belt ("First Born" and the reissue herein reviewed) they did not make it to a wider audience, apart from some average success in their home country maybe. It's not clear if the band's breakup was a result of Rob Armitage leaving for Germany but, in any way, if you ever have the chance to listen to the couple of albums the Bradford, West Yorkshire based quintet put out in the 80s you may agree the band had much of a potential for a commercial breakthrough.

A little less heavier than the 1984 debut, while looking forward to the American market (even if virtually no other English band apart from DEF LEPPARD succeeded in storming the USA territory those days), "Force Majeure" is a fine example of melodic British Hard Rock with a strong 80s arena Rock touch. The vocals of Rob Armitage are fat and passionate sounding like a mix of David Coverdale, Michael Bolton and Sammy Hagar while the overall musical style of BABY TUCKOO in this LP is a mix of bluesy British rock mixed with some AOR/FM Rock layers, resulting in an interesting tracklist led by rockin' guitars and vintage keyboards. "Rock (Rock)" was released as the album's first single and paved the way for a nice-to-listen-to whole album fans of bands like WHITESNAKE, MAMAS BOYS, VAN HALEN, ARGENT,MAGNUM and (some of) MARILLION would surely enjoy.

So, if you never had the chance to purchase this album or would just like to familiarize with this band with the weird name, "Force Majeure" surely is value for money. If I had to choose between this and their 1984 debut, I'd dare saying "First Born" was even better though.

7 / 10


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"Force Majeure" Track-listing:
  1. Rock (Rock)
  2. Shoot On Sight
  3. Over You
  4. Falling Star
  5. The Lights Go Down
  6. Keep It Together
  7. Maybe
  8. I'm Your Man
  9. Long Way Down
  10. Promises
  11. Rock n Roll Hero (bonus track)
Baby Tuckoo Lineup:

Rob Armitage - Lead Vocals
Neil Saxton - Guitars, Vocals
Andy Barrott - Keyboards, Guitars & Vocals
Paul Smith - Bass, Vocals
Tony Sugden - Drums

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