AZURE became public on the release of the debut EP "(Dreaming Of) Azure," on the […]
November 23, 2018
Azure - Redtail album cover

AZURE became public on the release of the debut EP "(Dreaming Of) Azure," on the 22nd of July, 2015. The debut full-length album "Wish For Spring" was released on the 17th of March, 2017. Now, on November 16, they release their newest EP titled "Redshift," with just the title track as the only song on the album. The song opens with some veiled synth, followed by descending piano notes, soon met with electric guitar. As they dance together for a spell, vocals some in. It has an upbeat, almost pop-ish sound, but also one from another world. The effects kick in hard, as the meter shifts to and fro. The guitar work is very precise, and also quite choppy, and the keys play a nice supporting role in the melodies.

Just before the halfway mark, the sound drops off and returns with a different melody. Keys play a prominent role here. Lush, dreamy landscapes begin to unfold, like you found a secret brook in the forest, surrounded by bright colored flowers and deep green colored trees. Harmonized vocal and guitars ensue, followed by a heavy, djenty passage, where the guitars pound out a rhythm while the vocals remain ethereal over top. A fantastic guitar solo caps the moment perfectly, and you find yourself getting easily lost in it. It builds to a wonderful crescendo towards the end, brining back all of the previous elements together like some magical magnet, ending in soft piano notes.

The song was just a taste, but it was a good one. I definitely would be interested in hearing more from the band, but this was a wonderfully fruitful song that peaks many of your senses through different textures, layers and some really outstanding songwriting. Though there are various parts to the song, it also doesn't lose sight of the overall sound along the way. Overall, it's Progressive, but hard to's just really good!

8 / 10









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"Redtail" Track-listing:

1. Redtail

Azure Lineup:

Chris - Vocals, Synth, Guitars
Galen - Lead Guitar
Barny - Harmony Guitar
Brandon - Bass
Sam - Drums

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