Saint Desecration


Polish band, AZARATH, are masters in the world of blackened death metal. Their newest album, […]
By Laura Glover
December 29, 2020
Azarath - Saint Desecration album cover

Polish band, AZARATH, are masters in the world of blackened death metal. Their newest album, "Saint Desecration", released on November 27, 2020. Notably, the founding member of the band is BEHEMOTH's raging force of a drummer, Inferno, and ARMAGEDON guitarist, Bart . "Saint Desecration" is AZARATH's first release since 2017, and what a beast of an album to polish off the year with. Full bodied, robust, and devilish; the sound is larger than life.

"Death-at-Will" - Soft notes on guitar open, rolling into Inferno's incredible drum work. Then abruptly we are swept away by Skullripper's dark and devilish voice. The sound in this song is full, but not busy. The musical formula is set at a perfectly loud volume next to the vocals. It lends potent sound to the song as a whole. "Sancta Dei Meretrix" - Loud, voluminous, in your face, and semi violent feeling; this song starts fast and stays there. Hardcore beats scream of melodic rage, vocals exclaiming demonic blackness. Vengeful, impacting your rage to bubble from within to flow with the rivers of inky black. "Let Them Burn" - Altogether madness ignited into colorful notes on guitar midway, notes that elicit psychedelic thoughts. Again, Inferno's stunning drum work stands out and is such a backbone to the largeness of the rest of AZARATH's sound. This song is such a mind bender with that psychedelic undertone, though.

"No Salvation" - With an edgy intro on guitar, leading up to the heavy vocals; the heaviness of this song leaves you breathless and begging for more. Brutal assault on the ears, much in the way a Dom "abuses" their lover. Lustful, rageful, dark and soul stealing. "Inflicting Blasphemy" - Skullripper's vocals really shine here. With the sound backing of the musical architecture, the combination is perfection. The drum beats raise your very heart rate, matching its steady and lush pulse. The end of the song, the guitar notes that dwindle, demand that you stay for the next song.

I admit that AZARATH is new to me, although I have had the pleasure of seeing Inferno live when he travelled with BEHEMOTH here in Montana, USA a few years back. "Saint Desecration" is an extremely good album, I can't say there were any parts I did not like. Go grab yourselves a copy and scorch your eardrums off, you can thank me later for the recommendation.

10 / 10









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"Saint Desecration" Track-listing:

1. Death-at-Will
2. Sancta Dei Meretrix
3. Let them Burn...
4. Fall of the Blessed
5. No Salvation
6. Profanation
7. Reigning over the Death
8. Life is Death, Death is Life
9. Inflicting Blasphemy upon the Heavens
10. Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats

Azarath Lineup:

Skullripper - Vocals, Guitars
Peter - Bass
Bart - Guitars
Inferno - Drums

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