Doom Of Destiny


When you have released one of the most successful debut albums of all time in […]
By Grigoris Chronis
November 7, 2007
Axxis - Doom Of Destiny album cover

When you have released one of the most successful debut albums of all time in the Hard 'n' Heavy field, when your singer's throat is as recognizable as a sunburn fly in a glass of pure milk, when your previous album has put you again in the Metal map in high places, when the HELLOWEEN/GAMMA RAY combo consents you should follow them across Europe, then your name is AXXIS and your (every) new album surely is a much-anticipated release. Plus: Doom Of Destiny kicks serious German Metal ass.
Take the melody of the SCORPIONS legend, the sharp razor of ACCEPT, the Teutonic approach of  HELLOWEEN and (weird, huh?), the spirit of URIAH HEEP and even the mystique atmosphere of 70s (pre?) Prog Rock(?) bands like KING CRIMSON, PROCOL HARUM or APHRODITE'S CHILD and dress it up with one of the most majestic voices ever destined to conquer the music world. Mainman Bernhard Weiss bears the unique ability to unveil his vocal dynamics (mainly in high-pitch base) in benefit of all: himself, the music and the listener. When I first heard his vocals on the worldwide successful Kingdom Of The Night (1989), 'speechless' became such a  poor term of explanation. Till then, twenty years are ready to pass by soon - hope the band will celebrate this occasion with an equivalent grandiose anniversary concert - and the man has not lost even 0,001% of his might.
OK, AXXIS has had its ups and downs in the 90s. II was an excellent 'melody' Metal release while The Big Thrill set its eyes to the American market as well (only this specific market was now with its heels on to invite the Grunge typhoon...), but - nevertheless - was a good album. Matters Of Survival and Voodoo Vibes should not be worth the check - for the AXXIS ideals (kinda reminds me of the PINK CREAM 69 bio, what I'm now writing down...) - while the Back To The Kingdom 'comeback' release in 2000 set things straight again and a 'new' youth did rose in front of all European melodic non-happy-or-power-or-prog Metal fans. Whoever can recall the success of  2006's Paradise In Flames will find enough of a parallel recipe for Doom Of Destiny. Meaning...success again?
As the title track confesses, the band is ready to kick 'straightforward music' ass. With couples being a rolling thunder, with wonderful melodic refrains and clear/vast vocal harmonies, you know you'll get trapped in the AXXIS web at first sight. Anyone thinking the band has BLIND GUARDIAN influences is wrong: AXXIS have some common influences with their compatriots and that's it all. Wow - to return - what a wonderful lead break are there everywhere! Newcomer axeman Marco Wriedt fits like a glove to the crew and you'll be surprised to read his only 22 years old! It was bad news to see Guido departing in late 2006 but surely this blond guy will erase any suspicions raised. Apart from Marco, Lakonia - 'stamped' as an essential participation in Paradise In Flames, afterwards - is hear again with her astonishing 'female vocals' donation and (even if the NIGHTWISH 'ghost' lurks in such moves) she is convincing and, thankfully, the band does not exaggerate in her sharing.
No need to focus on a single song itself. Doom Of Destiny should be heard as a whole; it does not have any fillers, the production is excellent (a winning team does not change- Dennis Ward is 'in for the kill' again!) and AXXIS are on the prowl, stalking your unwary ears. They are 'melodic', they are 'hard', they are 'heavy', they are 'power', they are 'Teutonic', they are 'pomp', they are grand by all means. Really glad to have them around all these years!

8 / 10


"Doom Of Destiny" Track-listing:

Voices Of Destiny
Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
Better Fate
I Hear You Cry
The Fire Still Burns
Father, Father
She Got Nine Lifes
Devilish Belle

Axxis Lineup:

Bernhard Weiss - Vocals, Guitars
Harry Oellers - Keyboards
Rob Schomaker - Bass
Andre Hilgers - Drums
Marco Wriedt - Guitars

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