AVEM are a Rock band that sit on the experimental metal genre. The members are […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
May 9, 2019
Avem - Meridiem album cover

AVEM are a Rock band that sit on the experimental metal genre. The members are from all over the world that gravitated together to explore their diverse musical backgrounds. They have a strong emphasis on intriguing melodies and creative song structures. The various musical tastes of create a modern sound with influences in the Alternative Rock/Metal genre. Formed during 2015, AVEM started by playing local shows to help define and refine their sound. The band released a 4-track EP entitled "A.M." that led to international shows in Europe and some online interest.  In 2017, AVEM signed with Wormhole Death and began work on their full debut album, "Meridiem," released April, 2019. Let's jump into the 12-track album and see what awaits!

"Sun-Chaser" starts off with a drum-bass-key intro. The intro picks up the pace a little as the song finally kicks in. The vocals have an opera layer underneath the lyrics. Nora Bendzko makes me think Janis Joplin meets Metal. Her vocal style has range that can be appreciated though. The song is crafted very well and almost pushes the barriers of Prog. Not really a bad start to the album. "How I Got My Wings" follows an impressive first song. Here, the intro is bittersweet, followed by soft vocals. The guitars create a glow around the beat and vocals. The style of the song is not the same as the first, but it holds its own.

The fourth track, "Star-Gazer," pumps up the energy with a bit of a thrashy sound. The pace is quickened and the vocals have more of an opera range. The music itself is written well and its progression of changes are smooth. "Phantoms" is the mid-point and it brings back the Joplin vocals I adored at the start. The song is quick-paced but if it were any slower you may think you were in the 60's. The mix of the song is layered really good. You can clearly hear the bass guitar with its grooving roofs. The guitars flow back and forth between transitions flawlessly. Best song of the album so far.

"Chernobyl" is more emotional music as it begins with keys and very clean vocals. Around a minute and a half, the rest of the band join in. The song, with just keys, was a beautiful arrangement itself, but as the rest of the band fill in the blanks, comes full circle.  "LDV" is our album closer. The intro begins like an old vampire movie. The keys are organs and the vocals are haunting. Drums and bass come in to add more depth to the song. The guitars fill in missing pieces and make you feel hunted. The song is darker than most of the songs on the album, but could easily be heard in a New Age Phantom of the Opera.

AVEM have a talent of creating an atmosphere around their music. Even though, I am not a huge listener of this genre, the band's creativeness with mood and emotions kept me intrigued. All of the songs are wonderfully crafted and the production on the album is one of the best I have heard. Every instrument can be clearly heard through the album. I think the addition of Manu Sharma on keys has given the band even more depth to their music. The entire album is a great listening experience, especially for fans of LACUNA COIL, FOREVER STILL, and bands within the same genre.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Meridiem" Track-listing:

1. Sun Chaser
2. How I Got My Wings
3. Bermuda
4. Star Gazer
5. Lost Cosmonaut
6. Phantoms
7. Earth Shaker
8. Whispers On The Wind Feat. Andreas Gammauf
9. Chernobyl
10. Storm Facer Feat. Alexander Hirschmann
11. Sonder
12. LDV

Avem Lineup:

Reece Tyrrell - Guitar
Florian Uhl - Bass
Seppo Uhari - Drums
Nora Bendzko - Vocals
Manu Sharma - Keys

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