Autumn's Child

"Starflower" is the fourth album by AUTUMN'S CHILD. The Swedish Melodic Rock band formed in […]
By Michael Pataky
February 11, 2023
Autumn's Child - Starflower album cover

"Starflower" is the fourth album by AUTUMN'S CHILD. The Swedish Melodic Rock band formed in 2019, and released an album a year: "Autumn's Child", "Angel's Gate", and "Zenith". The group combines the talent of Michael Erlandsson (vocals, keyboards, guitar, producer: and Claes Andreasson (piano, producer). The other musicians on the first three albums varied. "Starflower", released at the end of 2022, uses the same musicians as "Zenith".

The album starts with first track "Gamechanger" is an upbeat keyboard dominated song with very strong lead guitar parts, alternating with the keyboards. Michael Erlandsson's vocals start a little screechy, but improves greatly during the track. "Aphrodite's Eyes" starts with a Spanish style acoustic guitar, which transitions to a more "arena rock" sound with strong vocals and melodic guitar solos.

"Welcome To The Show" is the fastest song on the album, with a very "power metal" fell. Guitars dominate the song with less keyboards. This could definitely be the bands opening song in concert. "Opera" is the first ballad on the album, with vocals accompanied by piano, melodic guitar, and harmonious back ground vocals. "Karenina" has a strong 1980s keyboard dominated beat. It reminds me of a song from a soundtrack from a movie from that period. "1995" is another 1980's style song that could have easily been played on commercial radio then.

Keyboard dominated with a strong guitar solo in the middle. "Dorian Gray" is another keyboard dominated ballad about the fictional character that doesn't age. "I Can't Get Enough" is midtempo song with more dueling keyboard and guitar riffs. The guitar takes the lead and results in a harder edge. "The Final Call" will remind you of any number of pop songs from the 1980's singer guitarists. Strong guitar playing with keyboard rhythms. "Love From Tokyo" is a ballad that would fit a dimly lit club. It highlights Michael Erlandsson's voice and contains very soothing guitar. "It's Not Too Late" is another ballad that is similar to the hard rock ballads of the late 1980's. It starts with an acoustic The vocals are more raw, with strong guitar.

If you are a fan of keyboard dominated "melodic rock" which dominated the 1980's, "Starflower" is for you. The vocals and musicianship are top notch. The songs will take you back to the era of keyboard dominated commercial radio.

7 / 10









"Starflower" Track-listing:

1. Gamechanger
2. Aphrodite's Eyes
3. Welcome To The Show
4. Opera
5. Karenina
6. 1995
7. Dorian Gray
8. I Can't Get Enough
9. The Final Call
10. Love From Tokyo
11. It's Not Too Late

Autumn's Child Lineup:

Michael Erlandsson - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Producer
Pontus Akesson - Lead Guitar
Robban Back - Drums
Magnus Rosen - Bass Guitar
Claes Andreasson- Piano, Producer

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