Autumn Burning

Autumn Burning

AUTUMN BURNING is Modern Rock band from Millersburg, Ohio, USA, formed in 2010. Ever since […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
February 6, 2014
Autumn Burning - Autumn Burning album cover

AUTUMN BURNING is Modern Rock band from Millersburg, Ohio, USA, formed in 2010. Ever since their emergence, the band have released in 2011 EP titled "EPisode 1" and their first full length album, self-titled "Autumn Burning" was just released.

"Call Me Home" is a fantastic display of great rhythm guitar riffery along with esteemed vocals, drum and bass alignments are impressive, all together generating a melodic line that is surreal. This is my favorite song of the album no doubt. "Betrayed" is a heavier display of thick Metal, equally bombastic as late 90's METALLICA yet a fine guitar solo played perfectly. Gentle guitaring opens "Drive" only to be miraculously change into a melodic fever with a singing notation of the FLOW style. Within the chorus I noticed how the commercialism of NICKELBACK is taking over, yet a great track in the end. The opener "The Chase" is interesting, edging Rock with classical orchestration, violins and piano enfoldments, Mike Morehouse providing the depth layered vocals coming up AUDIOSLAVE influences. "Burn Me Alive" cradles Nu Metal, a conjunction of SEETHER with stronger & powerful voice of singer plus magnetic riffery. "Nowhere Left to Fall" reserves the melodic edges of Nu Metal with close proximity to STAINED and DISTURBED. "Sick" has a Funky vibe but with tight fist of steel of the late 90's favoring DROWNING POOL and INCUBUS, practically an amazing work. "Hurting You" courts several KORN lines, rather progressed and hazy while "Radiance" is another catchy melodic heavier riffs tunes that took me to PAPA ROACH or SHINEDOWN. The icing on the cake is ballad "Yesterday's Gone" with tender acoustic guitars & sweet singing.

This debut shindig is highly recommend, a mind blowing experience of Nu Metal of the late 90's along with Hard Rock that might resemble older times. This is a perfect mix with blazing catchy sounds.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Autumn Burning" Track-listing:

1. The Chase
2. Burn Me Alive
3. Drive
4. Betrayed
5. Nowhere Left to Fall
6. Radiance
7. Call Me Home
8. Sick
9. Hurting You
10. Yesterday's Gone

Autumn Burning Lineup:

Mike Morehouse - Vocals
Jared Blazer - Guitars
Ryan McRobie - Guitars
Jeff Welch - Bass
Justin Smith - Drums

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