"Turn Up The Radio." That's the only clue I need to outline for people to […]
January 24, 2023
Autograph - Beyond album cover

"Turn Up The Radio." That's the only clue I need to outline for people to go, "Oh, I know that song." Or, "I remember the song, but not the band." I remember both from my time growing up in the 70's and 80's. But, a lot of time has since passed, and many bands have come and gone. Closing in on 40 years since this hit, will the band have anything left in the tank? So many others have failed. In fact, the odds of even coming close to the band they once were is stacked against them. They present 12 songs here on their newest album, "Beyond."

"This Ain't the Place I Wanna Be" is the first. It has a good deal of energy, and some nice vocal harmonies. I remember the vocalist being able to hit higher notes, but then again, it is 30+ years later, and a voice is a delicate thing. "Everything" is another mid-tempo rocker with a smooth riff and smooth vocals. The sound isn't anything that you haven't heard before, but it's honest music. "Take Me Higher" is a tender offering with a slow pace and emotive vocals. The vocal harmonies in the chorus soar high, but the album is missing a little something so far.

"Beautiful Disaster" is another mid-tempo paced song. I believe I have figured out what is missing...the band sounds a bit stuck in the mud. It might be the vocals. The harmonies are really nice, but the verses are thin. "Love is a Double Edge Sword" is another mid-tempo song, and too many of these can keep the album from getting off the ground. The bass work is really nice however, as are the vocal harmonies in the chorus. "Heart of Stone" might be the best song on the album, and the band managed to capture some of the magic of years gone by. The lyrics also capture some of that sound. "Feels So Good" has some more energy, perhaps from the faster pace. The lyrics are simple, but the sound delivers.

"Flying High" features a sound heavy in the blues. This mid-tempo rocker has a snarl in the rhythms, but again, the lyrics are elementary. The leads are within the melody line, and quite dexterous to boot. "To Be Together" closes the album. Unfortunately, it's another fairly forgettable song. Overall, the best part of the album where the vocal harmonies in the chorus. Other than that, there were no real bright spots. The vocals were just a bit too low as well, and too many mid-tempo songs weighed heavily on the album. Anyone my age can tell you that the music of the 80's was magical, and it is just so hard to capture again.

5 / 10









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"Beyond" Track-listing:

1. This Ain't the Place I Wanna Be
2. Your Slave Tonight
3. Everything
4. Gotta Getcha
5. Take Me Higher
6. Run for Your Life
7. Beautiful Disaster
8. Love Is a Double Edge Sword
9. Heart of Stone
10. Feels So Good
11. Flying High
12. To Be Together

Autograph Lineup:

Randy Rand - Bass
Simon Daniels - Vocals
Jimi Bell - Guitar
Marc Wieland - Drums

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