New Generation


Lately Brazil has been a total surprise in melodic Hard Rock. Almost a year ago […]
By Maria Kallinikou
March 10, 2010
Auras New Generation album cover

Lately Brazil has been a total surprise in melodic Hard Rock. Almost a year ago I was excited enough to knowing PLEASURE MAKER, and now AURAS are kicking in. Counting three years of existence and formed by Gui Oliver and Verpa Lacerda, AURAS made the first attack to the audience with "Hungry Hearts", a track that is included in this debut album and it is acknowledged as one of the top hits "New Generation" has to offer. Having supported artists like Jeff Scott Soto in their homeland, they approached Frontiers Records, which was happy enough to offer the band a contract and bring into realisation their plan for a debut album.

Full of smooth tunes, this release is, as the band itself says: "Full of love, faith and hope". The voice of Gui Oliver is becoming to the genre, although there are a couple of 'out of tune' moments like in "Forgive And Forget" were Oliver is struggling in order to make it through. AURAS states its influences in every song of "New Generation". "Never Give Up" is surrounded by VAN HALEN traces, "In My Arms" brings to mind a great deal of JOURNEY and "New Generation" of BOULEVARD, "That's The Way Love Goes" awakens TOTO's famous lines and "Keep On Loving You" offers a quick BON JOVI moment.

The first impression this album sketched in my mind was mediocre, mainly because the tempo is unchanged, or maybe because eleven songs of the same pace, full of hope, faith and love were too much. Not wanting to underestimate the efforts of the band, I listened to each song with a time gap in between. Well, probably this release is quite good, consisting of really warm melodies, nice ideas, and generally a fitting voice, only if you take your time.

Denis Wardis the knob master behind this release, and the production is crystal clear, keeping though, the warm atmosphere that AURAS's melodies are having. Influences of SURVIVOR and bands mentioned above are parading in this album, even though, honestly, it is not an album to be listened to, from the beginning till the end without a break, unless you are able to put up with too much flower - love power.


7 / 10


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"New Generation" Track-listing:
  1. Beauty Of Dreams
  2. Forgive And Forget

  3. Never Give Up

  4. In My Arms

  5. Reach Out

  6. New Generation

  7. Forever In Your Eyes

  8. Hungry Hearts

  9. That's The Way Love Goes

  10. Keep On Loving You

  11. Out Of Love

  12. Love To Survive

Auras Lineup:

Gui Oliver- Vocals

Ferpa Lacerda - Guitars
Matheus Brandon - Guitars
Hemerson Vieira - Bass
Edu Sallum - Drums

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