Deep Dreams Of Hell

Aura Noir

Deep Dreams Of Hell is actualy a compilation of two past works plus a brand […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
March 10, 2005
Aura Noir - Deep Dreams Of Hell album cover

Deep Dreams Of Hell is actualy a compilation of two past works plus a brand new one of the unholy band called Aura Noir. These 3 works include:
* Deep Tracts of Hell (Tracks 1-10)
* Dreams Like Deserts (Tracks 11-16)
* Rare And Unreleased (Tracks 17-20)
Deep Tracts of Hell was Aura Noir's first album on Hammerheart, which they released in 1998. Only Aggressor and Apollyon appear as main members, with Sverre Daehlie (Audiopain) playing guitar on the song Released Damnation. Blasphemer did not play due to the fact that he was touring with Mayhem. Deep tracts of Hell originally came out in 1999, the band had broadened their horizon with Voivod and Celtic Frost rattling in the deeps, making it even more volatile and ugly-sounding than their previous efforts. This was also the only release the band did as a duo, with Blasphemer concentrating solely on Mayhem at the time. This album was recorded with sound engineers Garm and Knut (from Ulver and Arcturus). It bears all the trademarks of classic Aura Noir - whipping drums, razorsharp jet-black riffs and the frightening vocal delivery of not one but two snarling hounds of armageddon - former members and multi-instrumentalists Aggressor and Apollyon. Metal never sounded quite so vicious, not even in 1985.
The riffs are of the kind Sodom and Dark Angel could have written back then, had they actually given up their souls to the devil. You bet they wish they had. Dreams Like Deserts was released later on, that same year and this mini-album featured Aggressor and Apollyon switching drums and guitar/bass/vocal duties between them on every track. This was to become a tradition for the band, both live and on record. The black and white sleeve depicting the band at a local graveyard, wielding beer bottles and giving you the middle finger completed the oldschool imagery to such an extent you could have sworn you had been taken ten years back in time. Not to forget the music of course...
The Rare And Unreleased tracks are really cool and quite innovative (for the Aura Noir way of songwriting) and you should invest your time in them! Highlights of this ceremonial sound manifest could be indicated as follows: Deep Tracts of Hell, Blood Unity, Purification of Hell, Broth of Oblivion, Tower of limbs and fevers.
Pure blasphemy is spread all over here! If you are a Darkthrone /  Mayhem fan then this is your paradise (or should we better say hell?) man! If bands like Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Mayhem or Darkthrone don't mean anything to you then it is no use turning your attention the Aura Noir way! You would instantly feel your ears and your whole existence melt under hell's fires! On the other hand if you are a pure Black Metal blasphemer, dig in with no fear my friend! Deep Dreams Of Hell is indeed a soundtrack of the apocalypse - the soundtrack of hell!

8 / 10


"Deep Dreams Of Hell" Track-listing:

Deep Tracts of Hell
Released Damnation
Swarm of Vultures
Blood Unity
Purification of Hell
The Spiral Scar
The Beautiful, Darkest Path
Broth Of Oblivion
To Wear The Mark
The Rape
Forlorn Blessings To The Dreamking
Dreams Like Deserts
Angel Ripper
The Snake
Released Damnation (early version)
Broth Of Oblivion (early version)
Tower Of Limbs And Fevers
Mirage (with Fenriz)

Aura Noir Lineup:

Aggressor - Drums, Bass, Guitars & Vocals
Apollyon - Drums, Bass, Guitars & Vocals
Blasphemer - Guitars

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