Violent By Nature


Ah, smells like classic old Thrash to me! What? Displeased Records re-released the two classic […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 9, 2006
Atrophy - Violent By Nature album cover

Ah, smells like classic old Thrash to me! What? Displeased Records re-released the two classic ATROPHY albums Violent By Nature and Socialized Hate? And I am the one to review them? Hell yeah baby! So, prepare yourselves for a review that goes back to the roots! Read and enjoy fellow thrashers!
ATROPHY was an underground US Thrash Metal band based in Tucson, Arizona. Their first name was HERESY but with the addition of drummer Tim Kelly they changed their name to ATROPHY. They were formed in 1986 and have released two albums through Roadrunner Records. They had also managed to tour as a support act to SACRED REICH. Those two albums that had been released through Roadrunner are now being re-released through Displeased Records.
So, Violent By Nature is an album that is considered to be a classic in the Thrash Metal scene. Songs like Violent By Nature and Things Change are surely stuck deep in every die-hard thrashers head! Nine techno-Thrash hymns that will blow you away (regarding all the guys who don't know the band or haven't listened to any of their stuff). Thrash Metal in the vein of Thrash titans such as DARK ANGEL, DEATH ANGEL, FORBIDDEN and SACRED REICH. Even if this band didn't manage to last long and split up, they achieved to earn this classic cult status. They've got this up-tempo pissed off Thrash Metal attitude that won't leave you untouched. Especially if you miss the days when Thrash Metal was at its best, this album will definitely fill your head with nostalgia.
What made a bad impression on me was that Displeased Records didn't make an effort to add something extra to the release. Some bonus stuff to attract the consumers. I mean, the re-release of the album is definitely great because it will be much easier to find it and buy it, but what about something extra? They could add some bonus stuff from ATROPHY's Chemical Dependency demo (1987) or some video material!
Anyway, in my humble opinion, this is one of the best Thrash Metal bands Roadrunner ever had in its roster. If you already have the album, don't mind checking this re-release out, but if don't know shit about this band or haven't listened to any of their stuff, get your ass on the nearest record store and buy this album! Thrash 'til the end!
The rating below is clearly for the album and not the re-release. Just reviewing an all time favorite album! Ah, the sweet feeling of denim & leather lingers in the air!

8 / 10


"Violent By Nature" Track-listing:

Puppies And Friends
Violent By Nature
In Their Eyes
Too Late To Change
Slipped Through The Cracks
Forgotten But Not Gone
Process Of Elimination
Right To Die
Things Change

Atrophy Lineup:

Brian Zimmerman - Vocals
Chris Lykins - Guitar
Rick Skowron - Guitar
James Gullota - Bass
Tim Kelly - Drums

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