Socialized Hate


ATROPHY re-release mission part two. After my Violent By Nature review, it is time for […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 16, 2006
Atrophy - Socialized Hate album cover

ATROPHY re-release mission part two. After my Violent By Nature review, it is time for me to review one more re-release by ATROPHY. This time it is their classic Socialized Hate. God I really love this band! Below you will travel back to the past for one more time. Join the ride and enjoy!
Socialized Hate is ATROPHY's debut album, which was released in 1988 by Roadrunner Records. Both Violent By Nature (1990) and Socialized Hate are now being re-released via Displeased Records. Even if this band released those two great albums, it never managed to come out of the underground since Lykins left the band to follow a plastic surgeon career and the remaining members never achieved to release a third album.
Socialized Hate is a Thrash Metal classic that - in my opinion - should NOT be absent from a thrashers record collection! An album that is full of power and aggression will knock you out from the first second! One of the greatest debut albums in the history of Thrash Metal for sure! What amazed me with this band is the level of its members' technique. Ten songs that avoid the regular Thrash Metal path and produce a precious gem that will blow you away! You will find many similarities with bands like VIO-LENCE, DEFIANCE, FORBIDDEN and EXODUS. This band is mostly known for its unique riffing style. Riffing that ranges from NUCLEAR ASSAULT style catchy moments to furious outbreaks where the drums just tear everything apart! And let's not forget, this album contains the beer hymn, Beer Bong! Whoever hasn't listened to this song should immediately find it! You can hear Zimmerman singing and screaming beer labels! It is definitely a lot of fun! Anyway, the good thing about this band is that its songs are full of great riffs. There is not even one boring or common riff in this CD!
Anyway, as I said above, this album must NOT be absent from your collection! Be sure to check it out. If you already have it, fuck the re-release. There is no point in spending money for it. But if don't have it, you'd better buy it right now!

8 / 10


"Socialized Hate" Track-listing:

Chemical Dependency
Killing Machine
Matter Of Attitude
Preacher, Preacher
Beer Bong
Socialized Hate
Best Defence
Product Of The Past
Rest In Pieces
Urban Decay

Atrophy Lineup:

Brian Zimmerman - Vocals
Rick Skowron - Guitar
Chris Lykins - Guitar
James Gulotta - Bass
Tim Kelly - Drums

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