New World Nightmare


ATRIA is an anthemic metal band from Ontario, Canada that plays heavy, yet catchy music […]
January 5, 2019
Atria - New World Nightmare album cover

ATRIA is an anthemic metal band from Ontario, Canada that plays heavy, yet catchy music with prime influences including LAMB OF GOD, SOILWORK, TOOL and SLIPKNOT. Founded by Tom Emmans (vocals) and Tim Ross (guitar) in August of 2017, the band takes its name from a music venue in a nearby city at which Emmans and Ross played their first gig at with a different band. The experiences had at that place resonated enough to be cemented as the band's moniker. Eventually they recruited Matt McGuire (drummer), Brent Westmoreland (bass) and Travis McGinnis (guitar) to fill out the lineup and have played a handful of shows and festivals with a great response and are hungry for more. "New World Nightmare" is the band's debut EP, and contains four tracks.

"New World Nightmare" leads us off, with the sound of static trying to materialize, building into a brief crescendo before the main sound drops. The pace is quick drummer Matt McGuire holds things down tightly. It some ways it reminds me of older IN FLAMES, especially with the running lead guitar and the clean vocals amidst the fury of the harsh ones. It's energetic and melodic at the same time. "Someone with Me" hears the fury of the previous track settle a little bit so that the listener can enjoy some of the melodies. However, at times, it moves a little too close to the Alternative Metal genre for me, especially in the cleans. Still, the melodies are strong here.

"Less than Equal" goes for the throat with raging harsh vocals and a faster pace. The rhythmic vocals are more reminiscent of Nu Metal than anything else, though the instrumentation doesn't match that quality. It's actually a pretty good amalgam of a lot of Metal genres. It swirls into a very evil mix toward the end, and then "Follow your Home" comes in. It's a poignant and emotional song with the opening clean vocals. But it turns vile with the harsh vocals and aggressive guitar work. The electronics at the end are interesting also.

Overall, I found the album quite interesting. It has a lot of elements of music that I love but it was hard to tell based upon just four songs. The music was just a bit lacking in identity. They flirted with several genres and when they are on their game it Is great but haven't settled onto one just yet. When they do, I think it will be big for them and this is definitely a band to keep an eye out for when they release a full-length.

7 / 10









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"New World Nightmare" Track-listing:

1. New World Nightmare
2. Someone with Me
3. Less than Equal
4. Follow your Home

Atria Lineup:

Tom Emmans - Vocals
Tim Ross - Guitar
Matt McGuire - Drums
Brent Westmoreland - Bass
Travis McGinnis - Guitar

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