ATOMWINTER is a German death metal band that formed back in 2010. To date the […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
February 22, 2023
Atomwinter - Sakrileg album cover

ATOMWINTER is a German death metal band that formed back in 2010. To date the band has released four albums, an EP, a split album with the band COLLAPSE INSTINCT, along with their debut demo in 2010. This is the first album with vocalist Florian Bauer, he replaces former front man Oliver Holzschneider. The band usually introduces cello onto a track in most of their releases and have done the same with the intro into Sakrileg which is the workings of Frau Punkt. The intro is an eerie beginning into Lower Saxon death metal.

With the intro out of the way, we head into the second track "Ov Blood and Flesh" and the track is produced with dark undertones. The sound is deep and rich in metal stemming from older Venom and Carcass. The demented vocals and rich growl adds a level of sinister to the music, which is pleasing but one dimensional. "The Lungs ov Hell" opens with a mass candlelight ritual anthem on low tempo single notes. The guitars and bass work are decent, forging a mix of tempo in front of destructive pounding drums. There are some hellish roars worth mentioning out there and one is summoned in "Brutal Scriptures", the bloodcurdling roar could challenge a bear. The song itself is another solid track all around but you probably won't be seeing it on any top songs of the year lists.

"Catatonic Pathway" would be my top choice on the album. The deep demonic vocals slicing through the classic death metal riff gets me every time. Great tone on the bass in the track, rich and trembling on the whole album. There are not many weak songs on the album, "Cryptic Death" is the more straightforward thrash/death metal, but is very well done. "Until the Loss ov God" builds from a classic chunky metal riff into a pounding snare drum assault, while the lyrics offer up some pretty cool lines. The album ends with another classic pairing of solid death metal riffs, tempo laying drums and deep bass in "Born Into Iron Coffins".

The release is very good death metal coming from an area that is well known for its injection of very good metal into the world. The riffs are non-stop and the drumming is very well done. The songs are well written, which is all the recipe for a good album. With the exception of the vocals, the band hasn't had any mass changes in the lineup and you are hearing the solid work of veteran musicians. The release might not change your life, but it is worth the time.

8 / 10









"Sakrileg" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Ov Blood and Flesh
3. The Lungs ov Hell
4. Brutal Scriptures
5. Catatonic Pathway
6. The Dark Void
7. Sakrileg
8. Cryptic Death
9. Until the Loss ov God
10. Born Into Iron Coffins

Atomwinter Lineup:

F.Bauer - Vocals
B.Grapp - Guitars
M.Schulz - Bass
P.Walter - Drums

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