Void Curse

Atomic Witch

ATOMIC WITCH brings us an insane riff laden EP with "Void Curse". This five-piece Thrash/Death […]
By Joseph Hausmann
September 17, 2019
Atomic Witch - Void Curse album cover

ATOMIC WITCH brings us an insane riff laden EP with "Void Curse". This five-piece Thrash/Death Metal outfit formed in 2016 out of Cleveland, Ohio. Newly formed out of the ashes of former bands, they bring us the release of "Void Curse" through Seeing Red Records on August 30th, 2019. Running shy of just 10 minutes, this short EP is an interesting ride of weird, edgy, and interesting music. This is definitely not your run of the mill Death/Thrash Metal blend of sound. This 4 song collection ranges from blood curdling screams to crushing rhythms to everything in between.

The track that really caught my ear on this 4 song EP was the third song "Rude". This song is like venturing into the mind of a madman. Insane guitar riffs and heavy rhythms are very prominent through the track. The vocal work is limited in this song as it is mainly instrumental. "Funeral Lust" takes us to the Thrash side of the group. Gorg The Impaler really shows off his vocal range on this track. He transitions from Black Metal guttural techniques all the way to high pitched vocals reminiscent of the 80s. The guitar riffs are chaotic but fit well with the vocals stylings. "Void Curse" is a thrilling roller coaster of sound. This track is always moving up and down in range. In this track they even add a more modern element of audio sampling that blends well with the old style of Death Metal. Finally, "Severed Commandment" which is the first track of the EP is a deadly mix of descending guitar riffs and brutalizing vocals. The guitar work on this track is very strong and hold a good balance with the rhythm of the song.

When I first listened to "Void Curse", I was immediately intrigued. I find this creation from ATOMIC WITCH to have an interesting blend of genres and elements. The instrumental work is chaotic but seems to fit very well with the style they are producing with this machination of Extreme Metal. I find the vocal range of Gorg The Impaler impressive especially when transitioning from a low guttural register to ear piercing highs. ATOMIC WITCH has laid a strong foundation for themselves with this EP. Their work is raw and could use some small refinement but they are forging a good path with "Void Curse". This is definitely an EP that will appeal to Death and Thrash Metal fans, but also bridges the gap of old and modern Metal generations. While this may not be your mainstream type of sound, this would definitely be an EP to put at the top of your rarities playlist!

8 / 10









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"Void Curse" Track-listing:

1. Severed Commandment
2. Void Curse
3. Rude
4. Funeral Lust

Atomic Witch Lineup:

Gorg The Impaler - Vocals
Emperor Destroyer - Guitar
King Dagon - Guitar/Vocals
CZAR - Bass
Namostophales - Drums

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