Sights of Suffering

Atomic Aggressor

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR is a band that's been around for a while. They were formed in […]
By Jacob Dawson
February 10, 2015
Autumn's Ashes - Eulogy album cover

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR is a band that's been around for a while. They were formed in the 80s and, since then, haven't actually released much material. Besides a few demo tapes and other projects, this latest release is only their second full-length album. What's evident, however, is that they must have been playing a bunch of music as well as this because the musical proficiency here is certainly admirable.

"Sights of Suffering" is their latest release and it definitely feels like it's something that has been in the works for a while. A lot of other Death Metal bands opt for either a long album of four or five, very lengthy tracks, or lots of very short tracks. What we get here is a happy medium of both, with the vast majority of its 11 tracks being around five minutes each.

Each song is easily identifiable as being from the same band as a result of the way the guitar plays off of the drums, and the drums here are also of a character. Each song utilises a relatively simple drum technique, but at such a speed that the power really comes through when the guitars enter the mix, bouncing up and down the fretboards.
Alejandro Díaz gives us the vocals, and it has to be said that they do leave something to be desired. While they are semi-intelligible and suitably demonic, they also sound as if they're almost being mumbled to the point where we're not actually meant to understand them.

All in all this is definitely a Death Metal album, with all the sounds and staples that come with that genre. While for a new band this would be a derogatory statement, in the case of ATOMIC AGGRESSOR it's fair to say that they were there when those sounds and staples were formed and for that, they are ore than excused: they are commended.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Sights of Suffering" Track-listing:

1. Circle of Evocation
2. Faceless Torment
3. Spawn of Doom
4. Sights of Suffering
5. Curse of Creation
6. Greed Supremacy
7. Unbodied Rites
8. The Ancient Ritual
9. Lords of the Abyss
10. I Beheld
11. Twilight Spectres (Bonus Track)

Atomic Aggressor Lineup:

Alejandro Díaz - Bass & Vocals
Enrique Zúñiga - Guitar
Julio Bórquez - Guitar
Álvaro Llanquitruf - Drums

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