Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back


What's up Metalcore maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on ATENA's […]
December 31, 2015
Atena - Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back album cover

What's up Metalcore maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on ATENA's new album: "Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back", Of course it won't.

Hailing from Norway comes this (mostly) Metalcore quintet that implement a Death Metal vibe, but from the get-go; Deathcore seems more relevant here, although, I sensed a combined mix now and then. They only have one previous album entitled: "Of Giants".

Ambient but experimental Metalcore is well noted in the first song: "Divorce". Simen Kjeksrud and Jakob Skogli have typical Metalcore vocals: hardcore growling, and sometimes, rap-like influence (see LIMP BIZKIT) but implements another experimental mix with clean vocals now and then. Now, for me, Metalcore is probably my least favorite genre in Metal, but I tolerate the hardcore vibe it brings. The band: Vebjørn Iversen on guitar shows off some typical-like Metalcore riffs, and Ulrik Linstad and Fredrik Kåsin pump out some awesome power... They incorporate an energetic sound with melody, integrity and most of all: brutality. We have a mix of instrumental precision but mostly; it's just about the "go hard, or go home" kind of vibe for me, which can be a good thing.

Noted from "Firstborn" and "Child Support", progressively the instrumentation felt experimental and (a little bit) all over the place, but they still had rhythm that made me go a little bit nuts at least. While "Violet" seems to be an introduction for part 2 of the album... "Molly" comes in with a more dramatic but atmospheric approach which leads on throughout the album. "Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back"; has the musical integrity, but keeps the "whiny" side of the band very high strong near the midway point of the album so, if you're looking for Death Metal, I'd stay well clear, this isn't for you. This was a very short album that lasted around 25 minutes; and getting to "Viole(n)t", "Black Lungs" and "Black Heart"; in short, I didn't headbang too much, I mostly just enjoyed an album that's disjointed and eclectic.

"Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back" felt very bland as an album for me, I'm not at all too keen on Metalcore or Deathcore or, well, "core" based things... But I appreciate the hardcore influence they bring. But with ATENA's new album... I didn't feel too much. I heard a Progressive, Experimental Deathcore band who didn't seem too big on consistency; although truth be told, the Death Metal and Nu-Metal-like (I guess?) vocal mix did work very well but it just wasn't for me.

Basically what I'm saying is, the band know how to "go hard" but musically, I wasn't too impressed. BUT, they have the musical talent and they have potential. With not much else to say about this short album, I'll leave you to judge. It's free via their bandcamp. Overall, has potential, but lacks amazement. Maybe next time, lads?

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back" Track-listing:

1. Affair
2. Divorce
3. Firstborn
4. Child Support
5. Violet
6. Molly
7. Viole(N)T
8. Black Lungs
9. Black Heart

Atena Lineup:

Simen Kjeksrud - Vocals
Jakob Skogli - Vocals
Vebjørn Iversen - Guitar
Ulrik Linstad - Bass
Fredrik Kåsin - Drums

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